Time for another haircut, yes?

How are you all doing? For those who are on their sembreak, are you having fun? I hope you are. Mine’s awesome. I’ve already done a lot from my 2012 sembreak to do list and a lot from the errands my mom keeps telling me to do for her which eats up all of my time. I’m not really here to talk about that today though. I’m here to talk about my hair because it’s grown long again and everyone, especially my parents, have been up my throat about cutting it. Here’s how my hair looks like right now:

I was actually thinking of growing my hair super long again but everyone was against the idea. I’ve had a series of haircuts over the years, however, I often stick to short hair. Why? Well, my mom always encourages short hair with me since not everyone can rock it and it’s incredibly low maintenance; wash and wear. Also, it’s insanely humid here in the Philippines so having long hair can be such a hassle. I’ve had short hair for 3/4 of my entire life which is cool, if you think about it.

Here’s a timeline of my haircuts starting from 2006:

I had another haircut back in May when my hair got to shoulder length. Click Here to read my blog post about it. I believe it’s the shortest cut I’ve ever gotten since 2009. I’m still contemplating which kind of hairstyle I should do now. I need to cut my hair real soon so my parents and everyone else can stop mentioning it.

I’m here to ask for your opinion on what would look better on me. I want to try something different now, that’s why. I’ve always gone after Victoria Beckham’s bob hairstyle since 2008 since it was like the Aeon Flux hairstyle I fell in love with back then. 

There were many occassions where I was considering on getting a pixie cut, like what Emma Watson did. It was a pretty ballsy move and it looked amazing on her. I’m just not sure if it’d look great on me as well. 😐

The only problem I have with trying to sport a very short hairstyle is that I have a round face. Having short hair will only further emphasize the roundness of my face. Haha 😛 So, what do you think I should do? I need help, please! I’m going to have my hair cut on Sunday so I need expert advise~

Here’s what I’m leaning on though: Yes, I’m forever a Victoria Beckham fangirl. It’s like a cross from her famous bob cut and a pixie cut. It’s kinda the same peg I did for my last haircut but I want it to be pretty exact this time. So, what do you guys think? 🙂


3 thoughts on “Time for another haircut, yes?

  1. I think Victoria’s haircut on the last picture would look fine on you, but then again, I’d go for an expert hairstylist’s opinion regarding about that first since that’s the person who probably knows which one would suit you the best. If the hairstylist would say that Victoria’s cross hairstyle of a bob cut and a pixie cut wouldn’t suit you but you wanted to try it out, then take the risk 😉 And don’t go for Emma Watson’s pixie cut. I wanted to try out Demi Moore’s hairstyle from Ghost, but my hairstylist didn’t approve because I have a round face 😛

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