Birthday month has begun!

Hello! It’s May 1 today and that only means one thing! It’s… Labor Day! Yes, it is Labor Day but.. it is also the start of my birthday month!!!

Yes, just two days away from my birthday! However, it’s my baby sister’s birthday first tomorrow so don’t forget to greet her, alright? And stay tuned for my birthday special for her. 🙂

SO yeah, what’s so special about birthday months? Aside from being my favorite month, it’s the time that heaven’s pours down their blessings on me. LOL. It’s the month where I celebrate all the blessings the Almighty Lord has given me for the past years. It’s the month where I’m grateful for all the wonderful people He’s put into my life and the unnecessary ones He’s taken out. It’s the month where I profoundly appreciate every single little thing that He’s done, not only for me but, for the entire world as well. He’s awesomely amazing and I’m infinitely grateful.

I’m almost 21 and soon people would be asking me how different does it feel from my previous years. They always do that. Year after year, I would simply say that it feels the same. This year will be different. There has been and will be better changes. This year, there’s more liberation, trust, love and honesty.

And to start with the change, I had a hair cut! I got a haircut for three reasons:

  1. It’s insanely hot in the Philippines. Long hair feels disgusting.
  2. I’ve always wanted to keep my hair short.
  3. I need to feel that I’ve let go of all the negative things in my life recently.

My hair got to grow a little beyond shoulder length and so it was time to chop it off. Plus, my lola said my hair was starting to look boring. 😐

I went to the David’s Salon at MOA and transformed my hair from that to this:

I gave Victoria Beckham’s picture as reference for the haircut I wanted. She has always been my idol when it comes to fashion and I’ve been having her hairstyle since 2008. 🙂

I wanted to have my hair shorter but the guy who cut my hair said that it wouldn’t look that good on me because my face is… malapad 😐 but oh well, I’m still loving my new haircut. 😀

Love lot!

– Celine 🙂


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