Hello, Red.

hello-beloved-readers-reddish1Missed me? 🙂

Yes, I know I’ve been gone (yet again) for so long and I have a long list of reasons why I’ve been on another hiatus. That doesn’t really matter though, at least I’m back. 😉 Maaaaaaybe I’ll tell you guys why I’ve been away, but I’ll save that for another blog post. For now, I want you guys to see what I’ve just done to my hair. It’s pretty badass.

Duh, I am badass. redhead reginecelinaaa on Celine Mamangon blog 3

From the title itself, you’d probably get an idea but I’ll tell you the story behind my ballsy change. So… It starts with my mom. Ever since I graduated from high school, I’ve wanted to dye my hair. My mom had this rule where we (yes, applies to both my sisters too, HAH!) can’t color our hair until after college. She was like, “After you graduate from college, you can do whateeeever you want.” So I did and she let me, and I love her so much for it. LOVE YOU, MA! 🙂

You’re cool if you know which “Red” character I’m talking about in my title post. If you’ve guessed anywhere along the lines of Pokémon then you’re pretty cool to me. He’s my favorite Pokémon Trainer and he’s also Ash’s counterpart in the anime.

When the time comes that I could do something to my hair, I’ve always wanted to do something obnoxious. I didn’t want to walk into a salon and have my hair trimmed. I always wanted to walk in and come out differently. That’s why, my beloved readers, I’ve carried my pixie or bob cuts for the longest time. It was always something not a lot of people could do or carry. I’ve always wanted to stand out, that’s just how I am. So when graduation drew nearer, I looked up hairstyles that I’d want to do right after graduation day and I saw this. I immediately fell in love. red hair reginecelinaaa inspiration 1 on Celine Mamangon blogIt seemed perfect because it was the full cherry red color I wanted to do and I’ve always loved having my sides shaved. But there was a sudden conflict of interest on my hair choice because I’m bridesmaid to one of the most awesome ladies in my life and her wedding is in less than a month from now. I then compromised for the next best thing: red ombre. red ombre reginecelinaaa inspiriation on Celine Mamangon blog It still looks pretty badass. Like c’mon, how many girls out there can actually sport a redhead style? Not a lot, I assume. Plus it’s nice to look back on your younger days and be proud of the brave things you’ve done. When I’d look back, I’d smile because know I didn’t live a boring ass life. 🙂 It’ll be a hell of a story to tell my children and my children’s children.

When I was deciding on finally doing something to my hair, there would always be hindrances. That’s why I’m so grateful to the people who have continued to encourage me to go for it. You know who you are already. 😉 I’m even more grateful for Rhedentor Naguit who has been my partner in crime when it comes to doing anything badass. Glad I inspired you to do something different and ballsy, Rhedentor. 😉 Life is more fun when you get to share the experience with someone you care about.

So Rhendetor and I had our hair done together. Actually, we were supposed to get the same hair styles: shaved and colored. However, there were hindrances yet again but it’s alright. There will be more days for those. Anyways, here’s our before photo at Bench Fix, Glorietta 4Celine Mamangon and Rhedentor Naguit at Bench Fix Glorietta 4 badass

Dhendhen only had a haircut but it was pretty awesome. Mine took about two hours to finish, but don’t we look amazeballs? Rhedentor Naguit and Celine Mamangon hairstyles from Bench Fix on reginecelinaaa blog 2 Rhedentor Naguit and Celine Mamangon hairstyles from Bench Fix on reginecelinaaa blog Hash tag No Filter, LOL~! Oh and thank you for the lollipop that was as red as my hair, Rhedentor~ ❤

I’d like to give a big thank you to my Bench Fix Stylist, John. I know you’re proud of how you’ve magically fixed my hair by the compliments your co-workers were giving you as you worked on it. Teehee~! I’m very proud of you as well and I can’t thank you enough for the uhmazing work you’ve done plus the tips you’ve given me to properly maintain it. I totally owe my badass hair to you. 😀 Bench Fix stylist with reginecelinaaa on Celine Mamangon blog I actually told my hair story to John and he said that it’s better that I opted for the red ombre instead of the full on cherry red hair. He said that he’s done full red before but it got boring real quick. He also told me that ombre looks better since it’s not  plain so it’s not boring to look at. Plus, the way the red will fade on me later on won’t look good daw if I went full red. I also told him how I was a hair virgin which made it my very first time to have my hair color changed and he took great care of it. So thank you talaga, John. You’re amazeballs, hands down.

*Special shout out to my TFF‘s that were there and were rooting for my hair when they saw it getting done. “Friend namin yan~” LOLOL, love you guys so much! ❤

 I won’t take much more of your time so I’ll just end this with photos of how fucking amazing my hair looks right now. redhead reginecelinaaa on Celine Mamangon blog 1  Thank you for those who have made me smile everyday and for making me blissfully happy, especially when you’d call or message me. Teehee~ ❤redhead reginecelinaaa on Celine Mamangon blog 2 redhead reginecelinaaa on Celine Mamangon blog 4 redhead reginecelinaaa on Celine Mamangon blog 5  I just love how the color shines even better when the sunlight hits it. So lovely.redhead reginecelinaaa on Celine Mamangon blog 6 So there you have it, my beloved readers, my first blog post for this year. It’s a little disappointing, I know, but I’ll make it up to you guys real soon. I pinky promise, I double pinky promise. I’ve got a lot to tell you guys anyway so just keep posted with me, Mkay? 😀

My parting words would be to not be afraid to do or try something totally different. You’d know how awesome it is unless you go for it, especially if it makes you happy. Embrace your courage because it feels fucking amazing. 🙂



One thought on “Hello, Red.

  1. Awesome, Cel! Tama nga naman, Dun be afraid to try something new. Haha your new look gives you this fierce/bubbly ‘dating’~ :3

    Keep it up, yo! Regards, Russ

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