What Makes Us Great Together

Beloved readers

I hope all of you are having a great week so far. I’m here to present a blog post that holds great importance to me. I wanted to post something light and meaningful so today, I’m here to talk about my friendship with someone genuine and why it matters.

I know all of us has that kind of friendship that stands out. The type that has such a positive influence in our lives that makes life more worthwhile. It even makes us happier people. It creates a wonderful effect to everything else that we do. I’m here to talk about that type of friendship. While most of you might assume I’m being particular about the person I’m pertaining to, I’m actually speaking in the general sense. All the things I’ll be discussing applies to all of my friendships with the genuine people in my life. The following is a sort of pattern of standards that majority of my friendships trend on. I am quite certain that all of you will be able to relate to each one as well regardless whether it’s the romantic kind or not. 🙂


I can be who I really am with you.

You make me feel safe and comfortable. You don’t judge me or make me feel less than the person I deserve to be. You never have. I can be as good as a saint or as big of a bitch as I can be and you’d never make me feel bad about myself. You accept me for the person I truly am and you continue to encourage me to be the person I am meant to become. With you, I am honest about myself.#TrueLoveInBaguio (2)

Everything is honest and it feels good.

I can sit or sleep beside you and truthfully feel comfortable. There’s never tension or malice about the things we do together, although it heavily relies on the fact that we both want the ‘same thing’ in life. It doesn’t matter what the outside world thinks of us because we know the truth. As long as we’re not harming anyone, we don’t give a damn about people’s opinions. I can also count on you to be brutally frank with me about anything, even when I don’t want to heart it. Having that kind of honesty is such a valuable treasure for me because of how rare it is.#TrueLoveInBaguio (3)

“I can see myself growing old with you and that really matters to me.”

We’ll always be part of each others lives even if we’re apart. Just because we no longer see each other on a regular basis does not diminish the quality of our friendship. You could say our friendship is low maintenance because I can see you a year from now and it wouldn’t feel that very long. We’ll just fill out where we left off. Despite the time and distance, you’ll always be part of my milestones. I don’t have a single doubt that you’ll be there on my wedding day or my children’s graduation ceremonies. Big or small, I know I can rely on you to always be there because I wouldn’t dare miss out on yours.#TrueLoveInBaguio (4)

We pull our worlds together.

We constantly introduce awesome things and people to each other. I want to be interested in the things you’re interested in because it matters to you. I can trust that you feel the same way too. I’ve gotten to know the people most dear to you and you to mine. We slowly transition our worlds to become one happier place. #TrueLoveInBaguio (5)

We’re both always game.

You’re that one friend who I can invite for anything, and as long as you don’t have stuff planned beforehand, you will always be present to participate. It doesn’t matter what I’ll invite you to be it to a spontaneous sleepover, lunch/dinner/coffee date, Netflix & chill, trip out of town, shopping, book sales, exploring, getting our hair done and whatnot, you will always be game. You’re not one of the talkshit kind of people. You always try to bite more than you bark and I appreciate that because I can assure you that I will always be game as well.#TrueLoveInBaguio (6)

You know too much.

I’ve spent a lot of my time telling you things that are not meant to be shared with the world. I’ve probably shared more than I should have and it doesn’t bother me. I know I can trust you. I also know that you will use it against me one day because it’s so much fun embarrassing one another. #TrueFriends#TrueLoveInBaguio (7)

We both have our own personal issues, but we never let the other go through it alone.

Everybody has issues. Every single human being on this planet has issues regardless of how happy they portray themselves to be. No one is an exception to that rule and it’s perfectly normal. Though I know you are a strong person on your own, you can always count on me to be there with you. You never have to feel alone and I never want you to. I may not always have the right things to say or to advice, I still want to be there for you.#TrueLoveInBaguio (8)

We give each other space.

We can’t be together all the time. You and I have our own set of friends that are separate from our friendship and that’s okay too. Actually, I encourage it because we both need the breathing space and I want you to have more stories to share with me that I wasn’t part of. It will give us both the opportunity to miss each other even by just a little bit.
#TrueLoveInBaguio (9)

Our friendship isn’t perfect, and that’s what makes it even better.

There will always be room for a little misunderstanding to make way for more growth. We can’t always expect things to be perfect or great or even happy all the time. If we never got to experience the struggle even by just a little bit, we would never learn how to appreciate all the good things we’ve gone through. If everything was perfect all the time, then maybe it never was. I’m glad that we’re mature enough to understand and appreciate the space we need to give each other because it goes to show how much we actually value one another.#TrueLoveInBaguio (10)

You’re more than just a great friend, you’re family to me.

You’ve become like family to me and my family feels the same way about you. Since you’ve been such a strong constant in most of my adventures, your name often pops out during conversations. It happens so often that even my own family feels as though they you know just as well as I do. Maybe it’s in the way I talk about you rather than the frequency. #TrueLoveInBaguio (11)

We hate the same people. 

Like most friendships, it begins with a similarity. What else could be stronger than a shared hatred for the same specific person or thing? Our passion towards those shared emotio0ns bring us ever closer to each other. Even while we’re adding to our sins, we’ll still be doing it together. I know that my ride to hell will be fun because I won’t be alone. I’m bringing you with me and I’m sure you’re going to like it. Just kidding.#TrueLoveInBaguio (12)

You push me to be better in all ways, always.

We learn new things from each other and we learn them together. Life after all is about constant learning and growth. You drive me to test out my limits and then to break them. You make me want to be a better person on my own pace. Whether I need it or not, you’re always there to encourage me to grow.

#TrueLoveInBaguio (13)
Strawberry picking at the Strawberry Farm, La Trinidad, Benguet

My most favorite thing about our friendship would probably be this: We’re always happy for each other.

There’s no insecurity or jealousy. No secretly hating on each other or secretly wanting the other to fail. Nothing to cloud our perception towards one another. This is how I know our friendship is healthy because there’s barely any space for negativity in it. We are wholeheartedly happy for one another for our individual achievements be it big or small.

I could go on and on about what makes us great together, but I’m too lazy because there’s just too many. I’m just immensely grateful to have a person as genuine as you to be part of my life. Not many are as fortunate, I believe.

Well, that’s it for this post, my beloved readers. I pray that you have someone or several special people in your life that you feel about like how I just mentioned above. It could be any friend. It could even be a family member. As long as you have someone that special, you are more fortunate than a lot of people in this world. I’d love to hear about your friendships too so you can tell me all about it if you like.  🙂

***Initially, this was meant to be a travel post of the time we went to Baguio last year. However, we were not fully prepared for it to be a full length blog post which is why I turned it into something as meaningful. 

Special thanks to our handsome thirdwheeler and macho photographer, my Jared Michael. 

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Cheers, my beloved readers! Stay happy!


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