reginecelinaaa recently: 2016 so far

Beloved readers

We’ve entered the second quarter of the year and I haven’t done much for this blog again. Despite feeling that this 2016 brings so much optimistic energy for everyone, I’ve given into my laziness yet again… and again. Earlier in the year, I promised myself to do better for this blog which I normally do every year but I never get to fully commit. The least I could do now is get my blog moving despite the first three months I’ve wasted not utilized.

Even if it may already be the fourth month of the year, I’m still looking forward to 2016. I still feel that there is so much more to understand and overcome. We have so many opportunities to set things right again or do things differently with better energy. I want to take advantage of that productive energy while I still have it, else I’ll lose it quickly and will not get things moving again. Also, it’s a month away from my birthday and I’ll be quarter of a century old soon, but hey, who’s counting?

I’ve recently stumbled upon a new way of organizing or setting an annual goal. It’s actually a very simple idea. Having or finding a word for the year and it is that word that will stick and guide you through the year. When I read of this, it was actually very easy for me to find my word. That word is FOCUS. I want to learn to be able to stick to one thing at a time and actually finishing it before moving onto something else. I admit that one of my greatest flaws is that I get so overwhelmed by ideas and it gets cluttered then I lose sight of what was initially at hand. I want to accomplish so many things that I easily get side tracked when I get bombarded by idea after idea. This happens to me everyday and it’s something that I intensely want to overcome. That explains why my word is focus. I want a stable concentration and a solid commitment into what I want to accomplish. I need focus.

In line with my word for the year are my goals. In order for me to get order in my life, I’ve set goals. Just four goals for this year. I think that it’s better to have less things to work on than having more. It’ll feel more satisfactory when you actually get to complete them instead of feeling frustrated of not being able to do so with more on your plate. Also, I wouldn’t want to bite more than I can chew. So here were my four goals for 2016 which I’ve already started on:

🔘 Goodreads Annual Reading Challenge

From my last blog post, I mentioned that I was able to finally complete a Goodreads Annual Reading Challenge. I even best my 2015 challenge by 21 books more than my set goal which totals to 71 books. Due to this result, it dawned on me that I am actually capable of reading that many books because years ago I would only average between 15 to 30 books a year. Sometimes not even. After seeing my overwhelming result from my last challenge, I’ve now decided to push my boundaries even further by setting my goal to 75 books for 2016 as opposed to 50 books last year. I am hopeful and optimistic that I’ll be able to complete this challenge yet again. Also, given that my present situations have changed, I no longer have any limitations from purchasing the amount of books I want. No more book bans for me, Momma!

This is one of my goals I’m most excited to accomplish. As of now, I’ve already finished seventeen. According to Goodreads, I’m only two books behind schedule now. It’s a slow start, but I’ll soon be picking up. All I have to ensure is that I won’t have a week that I don’t read anything. I’m currently listening to an audiobook as I write this. My eye is on the satisfaction of achieving this goal and that’s enough to keep me motivated. Also, if I’m more successful than I expect to be, I’d want to slowly start getting into BookTube myself. It’s been an aspiration since last year.

🔘 Bad blogger out, good blogger in

 I’ve had this blog since 2011 yet I’ve never managed to completely commit. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t try. I guess I was just not as devoted as I should have been, but this year I’m making it a point to regularize my blogging. I want to write more with better quality content. I also want to finally figure out and settle into what kind of blogger I really want to be. As of now, I recognize myself a lifestyle blogger and maybe I’d like to keep it that way. However, I also want to venture and branch out to even more interesting things like beauty, reviews, fitness, travel documentation, life lessons and so much more! Although I already blog about the aforementioned list, I want to be able to give a more in depth feel to it. I want to add more quality to what I write. My reason for wanting to become better is because I know I can, I’m (most often) just too lazy or sometimes not inspired enough.

I started this blog as a modern day journal, but I’ve long since moved on from that. I realized before that what I used to write was of poor quality or unnecessary. It barely had proper substance. I cringe whenever I see my silly posts from time that’s long passed. It makes me think, “Why did I write that?” Maybe I’ve matured as a person or as a blogger which explains why I feel differently about my blog between now and then. Now, I want to write to inspire other people. I want to write things of great substance. I want them to feel good about reading my posts because I feel good writing them. I want that positive energy to circulate because we need more of that in this world. If I would have a word for the year for my blog it would be substance.

This year, I want to become better because there is still so much that I can learn. More so when I push myself out of my comfort zone and knocking off boundaries. I’ve only recently began to push myself to fully commit and devote time for my blog. So far, I’ve been making progress. I’m trying to tap more into my creative resourcefulness to get things done and done well. This year, I can assure you that this blog will be changing because it will grow, so just keep posted.

🔘 Harder, better, faster, stronger

reginecelinaaa fitness

Come this May, I’ll be a quarter of a century old and I’ve only recently felt my age catch up to me. I came to realize that I get tired more easily compared to before and there are certain food that unusually affects me now. Since this realization, I’ve become more determined to prioritize my health and fitness. Since early 2014, I’ve become an avid fan of Cassey Ho’s blogilates program. It really worked for me. The only problem was that I only kept it going for a couple of months and then I stopped. Since then my weight fluctuates depending on my stress levels. If I was dealing with heavy stressful situations, I’d drop a lot of weight and vice versa.

This year, I want to be able to focus more and become more dedicated to being fit. I’m even thinking of enrolling into a cross fit program and probably some yoga classes. My mom continues to persuade and encourage me to take up Bikram Yoga, which sounds good to me especially after reading more about it. While I’m not much of a fan of fruits, I think that it’ll be good to get into healthy detoxified drinks. Probably even vegetable ones. I don’t think I’ll be counting calories anytime soon, but who knows. I might start to become such a health nut that I might actually begin to count the calories of each food I eat if I’m not too lazy.

🔘 Skills + creative productivity upgrade

Recently, I’ve been working on myself a lot. I try to target all the forms of my well-being from my mental and emotional state to my physical and creative parts. I’ve been doing a lot of internalizing so I can figure out what more I can do to better myself. Other than reading books, I’ve been researching and studying ways to become more creative and productive. I’ve started out on my room by decorating and styling it according to my personality. With regards to social media and photography, I’ve been watching a lot of video tutorials and reviews on how to become more social worthy like understanding flat lays and such. I’ve also been taking up courses to better qualify myself with the current standard of where I now live. Everything is taking a very slow pace, but I’m proud to say that despite the speed (or lack thereof) I am still making progress. You will all get to see my progress bear fruit in the near future so just keep watch.

You may have noticed that majority of my goals this year are all interrelated. I like it that way because everything I’ll do will have an effect to everything else. It will challenge me to do better as to refrain from baring any negative results. Well… Here’s to hoping I continue keeping my focus, my beloved readers! I hope your first quarter of the year was grand as well!

Continue loving life, my beloved readers, for there are so many reasons to!


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