Thank You For Being Amazing, 2015!

For my very first blog post for the year, let me slightly overshare personal things that happened last year. I know that I’m three weeks late since it’s been 21 days since the new year came in, but I’m still having a 2015 hang over. Also, I’d like to remove a few posts from my backlog since they’re piling up like crazy. Hopefully, in this coming week, I’d be able to commit to posting something daily. If not daily, in a more regular fashion like every other day or something. *fingers crossed*


2015 was a whirlwind kind of year. Although I admit that I sometimes have a hard time figuring out if 2014 was more eventful than my 2015. Nonetheless, 2015 has brought so much drama, growth and blessings that I want to write and share it with you, my beloved readers. I’m sure that in one way or another you’d be able to relate to some of what I’ve been through last year.

From the 365 days of 2015, so much has happened that I won’t be able to tell you all about the amazing and not so amazing events that took place, so I decided to summarize them into nine memory slots instead. These are my top nine favorite core memories of 2015:

🔘 Making time with people who matter

There is nothing I appreciate more than people who make time for me. It’s not being selfish because I’d make time for them as well. I’ve said before that people make time for those that hold importance for them. You know that saying, “Time is gold.” Spending time with people you matter to you is precious because its those moments together you’ll never get back. Sure there’ll be pictures to remember it by, but the moment you share together is one you’ll never get to relive once it’s passed.

Last year, I got to meet a lot of my friends that I’ve long lost touch with. I also got to spend more quality time with those that I regularly see. Making memories together is one of my favorite things to do and I’m sure you guys appreciate that too. You never know when you’ll see each other next because life has a way of getting in between that. It could be distance, time, work or whatever that could drift you apart with your friends. So while you still have time, spend it with those that are truly happy for you and wish nothing but the best for you. Ignore and eliminate those who only wish to gossip about you or those who hold grudges, or even those that only want to see you fail. Life is too short for nonsense.

🔘 Getting a lot of Me Time

Celine Mamangon in Cebu reginecelinaaa
Henry’s Rica’s Cafe, Cebu City

While it’s good to make time and spend it with important people, I take pleasure in getting to spend time by myself. I have no fear of being alone in public. I know of people who have that fear and always make a point to have someone with them anywhere they go. I take pleasure in being alone because it gives me total control of my time. How I spend it or where I spend it will be all up to me. I won’t have to worry about anyone else but myself for that specific amount of time. It’s therapeutic for me. I could spend Me time in a coffee shop reading something good, walking around my favorite city, going window shopping or just being at home being lazy or productive. Its’ calming for me. If you’re someone who has a lot to do, a lot of people to take care of, and a lot of responsibilities to see through, then it’s a reward to be able to get away from that for a little while.

When I took time off of the Internet, I spent it trying to learn something new about myself. I got to learn a great deal about myself, from how I honestly feel about certain things down to how I would resolve it. I believe that there is something new to learn everyday. I believe that there is strength to be found with each learning.

🔘 Overcoming negative energy & people

Sofitel Philippine Plaza

This… This was a huge achievement for me. You know how there is always ups and downs in life? It’s what makes it real. I’m not going to lie or pretend that 2015 was perfect, because it wasn’t. I mean, it was still amazing. However, I’ve had a ton of down moments this year. Some were so down that I got really depressed by a few of them. There times I felt I was drowning. If you follow me on any of my social media platforms, you would notice that I’ve been rather quiet during 2015. There were months that I deliberately shut myself out from the Internet to get away from things that bothered me. In connection with what I’ve just mentioned above, I got to learn a new kind of strength when I was by myself somewhere. It’s the kind of profound strength you get when you’re so tired of people’s bullshit that you just stop caring. You stop caring for the way it affects you negatively. You stop caring about them because… what for? If all it does is have a negative pull on you, then find a way to get around it or over it. It’s like freeing yourself from a prison you thought you were in. You just get so tired that you’d want to leave and the door is wide open. It was never locked in the first place. Always remember that you have a choice in every situation. You and you alone control how things should affect you. You always have a choice.

I learned that last year and I made my choices. I made the choice to get rid of people who never want to see me succeed or happy. I made the choice to clean out my friends list and the things I see on my newsfeed. I made the choice to stop letting people’s ill comments get to me because it does not matter. I made the choice to stop seeing people who were only sucking out the happy energy off me. I made the choice to have better friends, those that understand and are actually goodhearted people. I made the choice to surround myself with positive people who are working hard towards a bright future they deserve, because being around them influences me to work hard as well. I made choices that helped eliminate my depression and depressing people. While not all of my decisions last year turned out as I’d hope it would, I still found strength in all of those. I learned that you can’t control people or the situation, but you have the power over how you react towards those certain people or situation. It all lies in the choices you make.

This is a favorite core memory because of how hard I had to fight to win myself back. Depression and depressing people are not something you should make light of. It takes intense awareness and serious decision making. If I got through all that, then I’m sure that you will be able to as well. 🙂

🔘 Reading 71 books & beating my Goodreads reading challenge

Year after year, I always made resolutions to read more. During 2014, I came close to completing my reading challenge because I only set about 30 books then. I read 26 books out of 30. During 2013, I only read about 9 books out of the 50 book challenge I set that time. After getting dismayed from failing my 2013 challenge, I made my expectations for the following year a little more realistic. I am an incredibly lazy person, you see. A lot changed since 2014 and I was ecstatic to have been able to finish my 2015 challenge. It was the first time ever that I actually got to complete this. I was even more pleased that I surpassed my 2015 challenge by 21 books, and because of that I’ll be setting my 2016 challenge a little higher.

I appreciate people who read, all the more the ones that read amazing quality books. Reading brings you to higher heights, especially if what you are reading is of quality material. I’m talking about great books and not just those online articles. While there are good things to be found in online articles, it still does not beat a good book. I believe that one should read at least a book or two in a year. As they say, knowledge is power.

If you guys want to see my Goodreads profile, you can click here; and if you want to see the 71 books I’ve read last year, you can click here. In a few days, I’ll be writing about my top ten favorite books that I read last year so keep posted for that! 🙂

🔘 Spontaneously hiking (for the first time ever) Mt. Pulag 

reginecelinatakestheworld Celine Mamangon hikes Mt Pulag 2015 (13)

This trip was completely a spur of the moment kind of thing. It started as a casual conversation between friends over good food when all of a sudden it went to “Let’s climb Mt. Pulag!”, supported by “Yeah, let’s do it!” It was a done deal. All of us that went were inexperienced. Thankfully we were able to do proper research that gave us sufficient ideas on how to go about our trip. One more reason why this trip meant a lot to me because it was with the kind of people that actually made it happen. I know a lot that are all bark and no bite. Talkshit, if you may. This trip surprised me because it really pushed through. I really respect people that walk their talk. 🙂 If you haven’t read my Mt. Pulag post yet, you can see it here. Also, if you haven’t gone to Mt. Pulag yet, I highly suggest that you do! It’s one hell of an experience. Worth checking it out of your bucket list!

🔘 Getting real with my Main


I believe that everyone has one special person that they learn most things from in a year. It could be a professor, a parent, a lover, a friend or even a stranger. For me, last year I learned most from my Main. Since grade school, I haven’t met a female best friend whose friendship would stand through everything. In high school and college, I haven’t really found that. It was only last year that I found that sort of friendship again, despite initially meeting years before.

My friendship with the beautiful Marianne B. goes beyond words. I’ve never met anyone that I would have endless conversations with. Endless to the literal sense. We talk a lot. It goes for hours and hours, sometimes even after the sun has risen. Other than a solid line of communication, we have very similar interests that fuels our conversations even more. One of my favorite parts of our friendship is our mutual understanding and perspectives in life. Before her, I haven’t encountered anyone who would have the courage to remove negative people and energy in their life. Most of the time, they’re always too afraid to go through with it for whatever excuse they’d feed themselves. It was one of the things I first admired about her. Her courage and assertive way of thinking. Through those admirable characteristics, I learned a lot especially on how to approach situations and people.

Since August 2014, we’ve rekindled our friendship and it took off to higher heights the more time we spent together. We shared a lot of experiences and exchanged a lot of valuable life lessons along the way. We’ve exchanged a good of quality literature pieces that we both found joy in. She’s a bibliophile as well, you see. She’s one of the rare friends I have that has amazing book tastes. I’ve also become more knowledgeable about make up and good beauty products because of Marianne. She taught me how to apply them. It was also through her that I got to meet more amazing people that I have shared interests with and can geek out about it without being judged.

Our favorite thing to do is hang out in coffee places and continue our conversations to no end. Sometimes we would find new places to discover together. Other times we’d just have cat time.

My friendship with Marianne belongs in my top core memories for 2015 because I’ve learned majority of my growth from and with her. She was there during the times I’d be depressed and even more when I was at my happiest. I believe that’s when you know your friendship is real. Life would be better for everyone if they got a friend like Marianne or people would be more like her.

🔘 #TrueLove adventures across the country

Photo courtesy of @dhenderendhen's Instagram
Photo courtesy of @dhenderendhen‘s Instagram

Travelling is one of the greatest treats you can get out of life. It’s even better when done with your best friends.

Makati, Maginhawa, Baguio, and Cebu! Last year, Rhedentor and I went on a couple of trips together. They were all local trips, but they were all memorable. Some were spontaneous and some well planned out. Earlier I made mention of how it is a turn off for me to have some talk shit friends/people and that I appreciate people who walk their talk. Rhedentor Naguit is one of those few people that actually keeps their word despite limitations. Although we had more plans of going to other places, a few of those plans didn’t push through due to lack of time or money, and that was ok. All the trips we had made up for all those that didn’t come to fruition. You get to learn more about one another and yourself when you go to a place both of you are new to. You get to discover more of yourselves than of the place you venture on to. Travelling together to an unfamiliar territory also tests your friendship. It reveals how well you actually get along under certain pressure or challenges. If you travel for more than a day or so, some of their traits or personalities raises up that you probably have never seen in school or work before. Travelling together also pushes one or all of you to do something you’ve never done before. It is a great joy to travel with your closest or best friends. I urge you all to be able to do it at least once a year. You owe to yourselves after working so hard. Right?

Other than our travel adventures, we got to see Christina Perri live last year during her Head or Heart Tour in Manila. What an extraordinary artist she is! She sounds way better live than she does in her studio albums so I’m more than glad we got to see her live.

In the coming days, I can promise you that I’ll be able to share our Cebu adventures in three fun videos plus blog posts. Hopefully, before this month ends. In the meantime, here’s a short video we made when we went around Makati for the day. 🙂

🔘 Travelling to new places for the first time with my handsome beau

Tops Lookout, Busay, Cebu City

We went to several new places within Philippines and they were all beautiful. As most of you know, Jared and I are in a long distance relationship where he lives in Baguio and I live in Sta. Ana, Manila. We frequent Makati and Baguio since both of us make the time to go back and forth to be with one another. However, we got to push things a little more last year. Other than frequenting around Malate, Bonifacio Global City and Makati City, we got to make trips to Quezon City, Laguna, Tarlac, Camarines Sur, and Cebu City. Majority of out trips were due to our search for good food. We would always venture out to find quality restaurants. Most of the time, our trips are accompanied by friends and family though we had a few trips alone together. Other times, our trips would be caused by the need to meet people in order to introduce one another to our relatives or friends.

It’s always good to explore new experiences and it’s even better to share it with the one you love most. Just like what I said earlier about travelling with your best friends, you get to learn more about each other and discover a side of them you’ve never encountered before. This also holds true for your special other especially if you’re travelling alone together. There are certain challenges that test your relationship such as handling a situation where you forgot something, or are lost, or being time pressured for your flight or bus ride. Heated situations like those are not always a pleasant sight. One or both have to remain calm in order to find a resolution. Jared and I got to learn more things about each other despite being together for almost two years now. I’m glad that we got to go on a lot of adventures last year. I hope that more couples would be encouraged to take trips together too because I believe it’s something that everything relationship should experience.

🔘 Getting the best news I’ve been praying for 

I’m saving this for last simply because it is my favorite memory for 2015. It is the highlight that I’ve long been waiting for. This news came on August 28th, 2015 in the form of an e-mail and it’s changed my life permanently. Only my closest friends and family know what this is and even though it is totally fine to talk about it, I’d rather keep it personal. For now, at least. It’s more special that way. Plus, you guys will know soon what it is anyway. All I can is this: Never give up something that you really want, no matter how difficult things get. You never know how close you’re actually to it until you get there. I’ve had too many depressing moments this year because I was so close to giving it up, but it was what I’ve wanted since 2014. Everything works out all on God’s perfect timing. So if you’re going through something rough in pursuit of your dreams, hang in there. It won’t be long now. I know it. I’ve honestly just been there, done that. If you truly believe that it’s worth everything you’re sacrificing for, then just hold on a little longer. It’ll come when you least expect it!

So there you have it, my beloved readers, the best of my 2015. Last year, I got to cross out so many things on my bucket list. It makes me even happier that I got to do it with the special people in my life. I hope your 2015 was as rockin’ as mine and here’s to hoping that 2016 will be even better! Even with January coming to a close, there is still plenty of time to make a difference.

Keep posted in the next couple of days for my other backlogs that are overdue, I’ll finally be publishing them really soon!


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  1. Ngaun ko lang to nabasa. How do I keep updated with your posts? Like they’ll notify me through email
    Your blog is amazeballs by the way 😉

    -Kaen Panda

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