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I haven’t posted anything since my Mt. Pulag adventure so I thought about posting something worthwhile. I couldn’t really think of anything so this is the best I could come up with: my Spotify account. This is just a quick post so it won’t take much of your time just like my next blog post right after this.

If you haven’t got a Spotfy account, I suggest that you sign up for one because it’s free and it’s easy. All you have to do is install the app and sign up with an e-mail or your Facebook account before you can enjoy your free music. You can sign up for Spotify Premium like I did just to remove the ads, have unlimited skips and even download your songs or playlists so that you can listen to them offline. Spotify is awesome I tell you. ☺️

I reached 5,000+ followers on Spotify! Thank you to all my random followers! 😄reginecelinaaa Celine Mamangon Spotify

I didn’t know people would appreciate the type of music I like listening to. I mostly stick to Country music and old classic songs. I’m not one to follow the current trends of what society today would describe as Music to them. If you ask me, the kind and quality of songs that you hear nowadays don’t make much sense to me. It’s mostly noise. Sometimes good noise, but noise just the same. You don’t get the kind of songs Michael Jackson or old school rock bands/artists like Bon Jovi or Bryan Adams used to make. I’m not saying it’s all gone or that all of it are bad. There are still quite a few quality artists whose songs fluctuate from really good to sometimes wtf like Beyonce, Adele, Lady Gaga and mkay, let’s count Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande just to keep them in the game. There are still a lot I’m sure but it’s not the same. Being born in the very early 90’s, I was still fortunate enough to grow up to quality music.

Anyway, to each his own. I’m still thankful for all my followers. I didn’t expect my Spotify account to get that kind of reach since it was intended for personal use only. I made my playlists based on my moods and preferences just like every person who signs up for Spotify. I didn’t expect people to follow any of my playlists because there are thousands of other playlists out there that cater to different moods and settings, especially the ones made by the official administrators of Spotify. Still grateful nonetheless. 😄

I only have like five playlists and each has its own reason for its creation. My…

✔️ Starred playlist is for songs I like for the meantime but I feel too lazy to categorize it. 😂

✔️ Daily Bread playlist is for my boyfriend. Whenever I hear a song that I like and remember Jared, I put it there for him to listen to. “Awwh, sweet.” Ikr? 😘 I listen to those whenever I feel clingy or more emotional than usual.

✔️ You Suck At Love playlist is something I just pulled together during the time last year when I was going through a rough break up. 💔 That playlist empowered me to feel better. There are also songs that reminded me that feeling sad is alright sometimes. I only made it public a couple of months ago when I was asked to make one.

✔️ Feel Good Feels playlist is something I listen to every morning or afternoon whenever I commute to and from my house going to wherever I need to be. It keeps me energized with lots of happy feelings. Sometimes it even makes me dance. 😎

✔️ Long Distance Relationship playlist is… saved for the next blog post right after this!

I still have a few more playlists but I haven’t filled them up enough yet so I haven’t set them publicly. Maybe when I’m not feeling lazy which is like 90% of the time so don’t expect it any time soon, lol.

Now that I’m aware that people go through my Spotify account, I may feel a little conscious about the songs I put, but it will not change my preferences. I will still try to provide a better listening experience regardless. Anyway, now that my account is publicly known, follow Celine Mamangon/reginecelinaaa on Spotify! 😄

Read about my Long Distance Relationship playlist on my next blog post! It’s here, just click it!

PS. Thank you, Tinay Dris Valle, for forcing me to download Spotify on my phone last year when I didn’t want to because I was feeling lazy. Little did I know it would become a game changer for me and Jared, and the other friends I forced to get one too. Miss you! 😘

Stay awesome! 💜



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