Long Distance Relationship Playlist on Spotify

So here’s my promised blog post from the one before this. My Long Distance Relationship playlist on Spotify. 🎧🎶 This was my very first playlist on Spotify. I made it middle of last year and I made it for my boyfriend because we are in a long distance relationship at the moment. Again I thank all my random followers everyday because this is my most followed playlist and is the very reason why I think people started following me in the first place. Thank you, thank you! 😻

Being in a long distance relationship is hard. Constantly trying to come up with new and creative ways to stay connected. What better connection would there be other than Music? So I tried looking for an LDR playlist but wasn’t really successful then. I didn’t realize that it was actually hard to look for LDR songs, let alone a playlist. I found one in Spotify as well but it didn’t exactly feel the same way I felt about my LDR because some of their songs were sad. I wanted a happy playlist that radiated with hopeful emotions that an LDR will see it through. That was when I decided to make my own. I made it for me and Jared. I never really intended to make it for anyone else which was why I was so surprised to see that little by little people started following my playlist. I guess there are a lot of people that are in LDR’s as well that feel the same way we do. It’s nice to know that because it doesn’t make us feel so alone or so different. It makes it a little more bearable or tolerable than we were prepared for.

Here are my Top 5 Favorite songs (with matching emphasized lyrics) from my LDR playlist:

*Click the photo to link you to the official Youtube music video of each song. You’re welcome.*

Sam Tsiu ft. Kina Graannis Bring Me The Night

🎶Measuring days in the spaces between our goodbyes
Learning to wait through the endless parade
Of our same old see-you-next-time’s
But when I close my eyes the miles melt away
Like you’re here in my arms at the end of the day🎶

This is my first favorite because the entire song just sings of a happy/hopeful long distance relationship, as one should naturally be.

Carissa Rae - Near or Far

🎶Strong is what we are whenever we’re apart
I’ll be right where you are, I’m in your heart
So don’t you worry about a thing, or all the miles in between
You have my heart, you had it from the start
I love you from afar…🎶

Carissa is the half party of Us The Duo and she’s just an amazing singer. I love her voice. I love this song. It brings so much romantic feels.

Paramore - Proof

🎶My heart is bigger than the distance in-between us.
I know it ‘cause I feel it beating.🎶

I love Paramore’s self-titled album that came out during 2013. It had a lot of really cool songs and I never expected one of them to be about long distance relationships. It’s really cool!

Us The Duo - No Matter Where You Are

🎶I will stay by you
Even when we fall
I will be the rock, that holds you up
and lifts you high so you stand tall

I won’t let you go
No one can take your place
a couple fights & lonely nights
Don’t make it right to let it go to waste🎶

I heard this song at the end of the Book of Life movie and it just blew me away. I was watching it with Jared at the time too so it made it even more special for us both. The entire lyrics of the song is just so sweet and relevant. I love Us The Duo and I was so happy when they sang this song during their pop up mini concert back in March. I got to watch them up close and had a 3 second eye-to-eye contact with Michael Alvarado while they were performing. Kilig feels everywhere!!! 😻

3 Doors Down - Here Without You

🎶I’m here without you, baby
But you’re still on my lonely mind
I think about you, baby
And I dream about you all the time🎶

🎶Everything I know, and anywhere I go
It gets hard but it won’t take away my love🎶

Mkay, this is song is like my emo LDR song. I often listen to this with so much intensity whenever I feel the distance creep in and I end up missing Jared more than usual. This song helps me feel better afterwards and reminds me that it’ll get better.

To those who want to check my LDR playlist out, it’s here 😁

If you have any more LDR songs that you think I should add, please let me know! 😃 I’d be happy to update this, just make sure it’s not a sad LDR song.

Follow me and/or my LDR playlist on Spotify! 🎧🎶

Well, that’s it for me today. I hope you guys liked my posts today and I hope you guys enjoy the remaining of August! 😘 Stay safe and awesome! 💜



6 thoughts on “Long Distance Relationship Playlist on Spotify

  1. Hello!

    My name is Kate and I am one of the moderators for a new long distance blogging community called LDRBN that allows LDR couples to try products for free.

    It looks like you are a long distance blogger who might be interested in becoming a part of our community so I thought I’d reach out to you to see if you are interested. 🙂

    As a blogging member of the community, you will have opportunities to make new friends, connect with people that you relate to and pass the time until you close the distance.

    You can check out the website here: http://www.ldrblogs.com & if you’re interested in joining us or would like more details you can email me personally at khiney@ldrmagazine.com

    I hope to hear back form you soon.
    Thanks a bunch for your time!

  2. Cool playlist. LDR’s are hard. I’ve been exploring hurt and hope in my songs and wrote and released a song that looks at relationships and toughing it out through the hard times. Sometimes distance can be emotional distance as much as physical distance. Music definitely helps. It’s an amazing remedy. https://open.spotify.com/track/7o7rSd9ymm9k57aXI4J0Lp

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