Oh Sister


 It’s my first blog post with my sisters. We’re finally complete! 😀

Bouchebl Sisters on reginecelinaaa Celine Mamangon blog  (64) Gianna Bouchebl Gabriella BoucheblI’m posting this mainly because it’s my youngest sister’s birthday (and she asked me to publish this after 9 months). HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BUTTHEAD!!!

It’s been half a year since my last blog post (I know, I know. BAD blogger), so for this one, I’ll talk about what it’s like having sisters. 🙂

But first… As this being my first blog post with my sisters, let me tell you a few things about them. It’s pretty obvi from our outfits that I’m Blossom, Nana’s Buttercup and Gabgab’s Bubbles. It’s amusing to state that each character somewhat dictates a few of our personalities. Like Blossom, I’m the eldest and I’m the awesome leader of the group. The two have to kneel down before me just because I said so. (LOLjk mama~) 😀

Bouchebl Sisters on reginecelinaaa Celine Mamangon blog  (2)The first best thing about having sisters is automatically having built-in best friends for life. We share a bond like no one else. From making fun of each other, fighting over who does the dishes, telling each other secrets, watching movies/TV series/animes/Vines, cooking awesome dishes, endless gossips and weird to intellectual conversations and to pretty much always having someone to do things with. You’ll never be alone. Although we might not get along all the time or agree on a few things, at the end of the day (or days), we’ll work things out because nothing is as permanent as having a real sister by your side.

Also, fighting against them stupid ass bitches haters become more fun when having a sister because the trash talking becomes more creative and intense. We always have each other’s backs. Whoever we don’t like automatically becomes someone the other doesn’t like as well. It’s the sister code. Plus, no one else can hurt or make fun of my sisters except for me (and sometimes our parents). Whenever anyone goes against that… Oh, you know it’s on, ya sharmuta.

Bouchebl Sisters on reginecelinaaa Celine Mamangon blog  (6)1

MULTIPLE CLOSETS!!! Mine and theirs. If you are close in size, your closets become an extension of the other. Take Nana and I for example. We have nearly the same body frame so we borrow clothes from each other, and sometimes shoes (because her feet are tinier than mine). Shopping becomes economically better too since you two get to split the price upon agreement. There are times when the three of us like a cardigan or jacket or even a dress that fits us all, we split it three-way. Isn’t that amazing? The most common things we share are bags and accessories. #girlprobz

Because I’m such a fashionita and I have these two buttheads, I ended up having real-life Barbie dolls. It is my duty and obligation as a big sister to dress them up (or tell them what they’re wearing are ugly) for whatever occasion. They also do the same for me. “Ew, you look funny.” <– Ah, so much love.

So yeah… These are my two younger sisters. I’m six and seven years their senior. Even if Gabgab is the youngest, she’s also the tallest from us three. Yeah, yeah, whatever. I still love these two buttheads with my life and I’m so grateful for being blessed with these two pain in the ass, hihi. They make my life interesting and more worthwhile than I’ve ever hoped for.Bouchebl Sisters on reginecelinaaa Celine Mamangon blog  (12)1 This is Nana Banana. You’ve probably seen her from my one of my previous blog posts. She’s been with me here in Manila for over a year now and studies AB-Consular and Diplomatic Affairs (Wooowwww~ Ikr?) at DLS-CSB.  Don’t let her sweet appearance fool you because she’s pretty much like Buttercup: a mean, badass bully. She talks hella ghetto, too!

Bouchebl Sisters on reginecelinaaa Celine Mamangon blog  (13)1Creep on her Instagram: @giannathefox

My youngest sister is Gabb and she’s as big of a cry baby as Bubbles. She’s the sweetest, most thoughtful and most generous from us three. She’s also the most affectionate. Today is her birthday so I’m being extra nice to her because I love her (and so she can stop annoying me). 🙂

Bouchebl Sisters on reginecelinaaa Celine Mamangon blog  (14)1Creep on her Instagram: gabriellabouchebl


Other than being the baby in the family, when it comes to school, she’s the most hardworking. She’s currently taking up Digital Filmmaking (and kicking ass at it), also at DLS-CSB.

I’m so proud of you, you ugly butt. You’ve come a long way this year alone. From finishing your senior year in High School as class president and top of your class, learning how to commute alone around Manila and Makati almost immediately, becoming independent and very involved in college, to losing decent amount of weight and discovering yourself and exploring the best that life has to offer. Know that you’ll always have my support whenever you need it (except when I’m tired or when you’re being intentionally annoying). I’m also proud that you’re growing close to surpassing me and becoming an even better person. Nana and I will always love you even if we don’t say it enough in the way you want us to, but we really do. You’re our baby sister after all even if you’re bigger than us.Bouchebl Sisters on reginecelinaaa Celine Mamangon blog  (22)1Having sisters lets you have a built-in alliance against your parents. As sisters, we defend each other from our Dada and our Momma when we get in trouble because we love each other that much. (Ew). Sometimes we even take the blame for something. SOMETIMES. However, there are times that we make sumbong on each other too, just for fun (/to be annoying) because that’s what siblings are really for.Bouchebl Sisters on reginecelinaaa Celine Mamangon blog  (27)1We’re on a team. We’re on a team against our enemies. (Those bitches). We’re on a team against our parents. We’re on a team saving up for something major like an awesome food place that we usually discover on a weekly basis. Sometimes we were even against each other, but we all knew we’d over it in a few moments or a long period of girly-I’m-ignoring-you-silence (no matter how frustratingly annoying we get). Lots of creative (just kidding) cussing happens around that time as well. Bouchebl Sisters on reginecelinaaa Celine Mamangon blog  (40)1

Personally, I love having someone take awesome pictures of me because I’m such a diva like that. On a serious note though, having sisters is awesome because they can take fun and amazing pictures of you. Especially kunyari candid ones, like this.
Bouchebl Sisters on reginecelinaaa Celine Mamangon blog  (41)1Oh, diba? Cool. I take the better photos though because I’m the awesome big sister and they can’t argue with that. But seriously, I take the better photos. Of everyone.

Having sisters lets you have something to brag about without being hated for it. I can post all their achievements (or mainly embarrassing moments) and even their pretty (or mainly funny) pictures on Facebook and no one can hate me for it because my sisters are aweome (ew). Special occasions like birthdays obliges us to say something really nice about one another since we’re not really the sweet and affectionate type of siblings. We’re more of the annoyingly funny type. Having sisters never lets you spend a dull moment alone (unless it’s a boring day and there’s nothing to do or we’re too broke to go out).

Bouchebl Sisters on reginecelinaaa Celine Mamangon blog  (48)1 Bouchebl Sisters on reginecelinaaa Celine Mamangon blog  (52)1 Bouchebl Sisters on reginecelinaaa Celine Mamangon blog  (56)1

My part of being the eldest sister and being their legal guardian gave me an idea of what it would be like if I were a mother. Growing up, I was always in charge of looking after of my sisters (even if I didn’t really do a good job at it at first). I would even save some of the food I was eating for them to have some. I help them shop for outfits or do their homeworks (which I pass on to Jared because he’s better at it and he loves my sisters). Sometimes, they felt like they were my children. I’ve experienced having to wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning to make them food and drop them off at school because it was dangerous if they went alone. I often experience always checking up on them, where they are, if they’ve eaten and if they’ve done their schoolwork already. I’ve even experienced getting frustrated at them for not listening to me sometimes and it just made me appreciate and respect my parents a million times more because I was ten times worse than my sisters at their age yet they still love me like they do. Being a parent is the most difficult kind of work. I’m not excited to become one any time soon or anywhere within five years.

I am who I am right now because of my younger sisters. I became independent because I knew they are depending on me. I am strong because I know I had to be strong for them, not only for myself. There are two teenagers depending on me. It doesn’t get any real-er than that, especially with our parents being thousands of miles away.

Bouchebl Sisters on reginecelinaaa Celine Mamangon blog  (66) You can be as crazy, as weird, as frustrating, as loud and as irritating as you can be and they’d still accept you because they have no choice. Also, because our parents will be disappointed if we don’t get long. We wouldn’t want that. We can do silly things together and wouldn’t give a rat’s ass what other people think, sometimes.Bouchebl Sisters on reginecelinaaa Celine Mamangon blog  (67)We grew up and realized no friendship gets stronger than this. We know each others’ likes and dislikes. We’ve seen each other naked (Sorry, Dada & Momma lol). They were with me when I failed on a few things in life, when I passed it, got a new boyfriend, when we broke up, when I recovered, when our parents fought, when I was sick, when I graduated and I know they’ll be with me when I’ll get my first high paying job, when I’ll get engaged and married and have kids and so forth. We grew up and realized, we aren’t just blood related. We are sisters and they are my soul.Bouchebl Sisters on reginecelinaaa Celine Mamangon blog  (71)

For a special treat, here’s a photo of the exact same pose from 8 years ago~


Mkay, enough cheesy stuff. Happy Sweet 16, Gabb! Ate loves you! 🙂

To my beloved readers, I hope you enjoyed this one. Keep safe and warm. And don’t forget to greet my sister! 😀



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