October Sunset Stroll

hello-beloved-readers-yellowWhaduuuuuuuup? 😀 How’s your sembreaks goin’? As for my hard working readers, I hope work is treating you well. I’m currently at the middle of my semester break right now and I’m well aware that I haven’t been posting like I promised. For that, I make up with an OOTD mash up blog post with my sister. 🙂

OOTD reginecelinaaa Celine Mamangon (165)

This is the first time that I’ve ever done anything like this with my baby sister. No, she’s not the youngest (we’re three so you do the math), but she is the shortest which is why I call her that. My little Sugar Booger 😉

I know I also haven’t done an outfit post lately so this is a great time for it. We were both wearing dresses and boots because Nana (yes, my baby sister’s nickname) wanted to wear matching outfits. She actually wanted me to wear a mullet skirt as well but I didn’t really feel like it since it was just a lunch thing that we attended. With only six days of October left, it felt like boots season was near.

OOTD reginecelinaaa Celine Mamangon (22)

The weather that day was great. It kind of felt very October-ish. I wanted to go for this very Western look.  For those who don’t know yet, I love Country music. No, it’s not cliche because I’ve always admired Country music since I was like 10 years old or younger. I love the rhythm, I love the story telling and I love the sincerity; and not the ones that Taylor Swift makes. Her type of Country leans more on Pop, in my opinion. If you played any GTA with me, I’d always change it to the country music station while driving. Yeah, that’s how much I love Country music.

So yeah.. back to my outfit. I wanted to go for a simple Western look so I did a Taylor Swift: Dress and cowboy boots. I know it’s not really cowboy boots but it can pass for riding boots. Close enough. I also went for an orange-brown and some white color combination. It made my outfit feel more Country.

OOTD reginecelinaaa Celine Mamangon (31)I also wanted to add a little glam into my outfit so I wore diva shades from Forever 21 and my YSL earings from Gold Couture by Geewel Cabungcal. Don’t mind my hair, its going through a growing process so that I can change my hair style soon, so the lengths aren’t really leveled.

OOTD reginecelinaaa Celine Mamangon (51) Thank you, Tita Nikki, for the lovely dress. 🙂

OOTD reginecelinaaa Celine Mamangon (68)   Will forever love my overused Parfois knee-high boots.OOTD reginecelinaaa Celine Mamangon (76) As for my arm candies, Forever 21 white spike bracelet, a pearly bracelet I found in my jewelry cabinet and a thrifted Divisoria wrist watch. Cute, noh? 😉OOTD reginecelinaaa Celine Mamangon (99)Another overused accessory, my horse necklace from Forever 21 as well.
OOTD reginecelinaaa Celine Mamangon (107)OOTD reginecelinaaa Celine Mamangon (94) Well, that’s it for MY outfit post. It’s a scene stopping outfit, but still simple and totally not over the top. I hope you liked what you saw since I’ll now be handing this post over to my baby sister. I’ll meet you guys at the end. 🙂

OOTD reginecelinaaa Celine Mamangon (169)

Hello to my Ate’s Beloved Readers! 😀 Happy Fashion Friday! ❤ It is me, Gianna Bouchebl, Ate Celine’s younger sister. For the first time(since I’ve started living in the Philippines), I will be blogging together with my sister! 🙂 Last Sunday, Ate & I were with Kuya Paolo’s family (her boyfriend hihi). We were invited for lunch, so I really wanted to wear a skirt or dress and then this outfit popped out of the closet! 😀

OOTD reginecelinaaa Celine Mamangon (207)

When it comes to clothes & shoes, I always go for Black, Grey, Beige and Pink. I got my High-low skirt from the Bloggers United Bazaar last Junealong with my crop top. It was the first high-low skirt I got for myself! 🙂 As for the maroon crop top, it was Ate who got it from Pinkaholic.

OOTD reginecelinaaa Celine Mamangon (210)

I did not have any accessories on because we were in a hurry to leave, that I forgot haha! My bad! 😛

OOTD reginecelinaaa Celine Mamangon (214)

My favorite part of my outfit was my bag! ❤ I have this fox fetish, as you can see on my Facebook profile. I got my fox bag from Aldo. It may be too small for all my things to fit in, but that doesn’t make me love it any less. 🙂

OOTD reginecelinaaa Celine Mamangon (218)

Lastly are my Combat Boots, which I got probably a year & a half ago when I was back in Kuwait. 🙂 My dad got it for me a few months before winter had started. I don’t remember the exact place from where he got them, but it was next to The Avenues Mall. I actually begged him to get them for me, because I love being badass, just like Ate! 😀 (we play too much video games!) Oh! And because it seemed like Asuka themed bootsies to me! (huge Tekken fan right here!) 😉

OOTD reginecelinaaa Celine Mamangon (225)

Thank you, Ate, for giving me the chance to blog about my OOTD! 😉 ‘Til next time, Beloved Readers! I mean, “Ate’s” Beloved Readers hahaha! I enjoyed this moment! Au revoir, mwah mwah! ❤

Aaaaaand back to me, your original Badass. 😉 I hope you guys enjoyed reading our first mash up blog post. We’ll probably be doing more together now since it turned out so well. And who knows, my baby sister could launch her own blog if she stops being too lazy and succumb the right amount of inspiration and/or encouragement to do something about it. Anyways, more blog post to look forward to this weekend so keep posted! 😀

Before I end this for real, I want to give a shout out to my awesome boyfriend, Paolo Solano, for baring with us during this OOTD. LOL! I love you, Babe! Celine Mamangon Paolo Solano

Stay safe and awesome, my Beloved Readers.

love-lots-celine-yellowfeaturing Gianna The Fox.


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