48 Reasons Why My Mom Is The Bomb

Today is my Mom’s special day and I’d like to share with you 48 things that constitute to her awesomeoness. If there’s one thing I know I’m really good at, it’s writing. What better way for me to express my love for my awesome Mom than by writing it and sharing it with the whole world? This is the best I can do so far since I’m thousands of miles away from my Mom on her special day.

However, if we were together, Mommy, I’d treat you to an extreme pamper day. Just you and me. No annoying sisters because I don’t want to pay for them and I don’t have enough money for those two panget girls, lol! 😉

Anyways, I present to you my Awesome Mother! Maria Corazon Lafuente Bouchebl

  1. Hands down, my Mom is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Despite her weight, she has a very charming face that’s extremely appealing and her kind yet impartial personality makes her even beautiful. Her killer combo is that she’s both beauty and brains. Read on to find out why.
  2. She’s practical. She always prioritizes the needs against the wants.
  3. She’s so easy to be with. Anything goes with her. Mommy finds the good in a situation. Every. Single. Time. Life hasn’t always been comfortable or convenient, but she’s never once complained. She just rolls with it. I think this is one of the greatest qualities anyone can have and Mommy has it in abundance. I would love to think I could master this one day, but so far, not so much.
  4. She has great taste. Be it fashion, food, books, things to do or places to go to.
  5. She’s an intellectual. She’s also very profound. Like I said, beauty and brains.
  6. She accepts people as they are. She always tries to see beyond exteriors to a person’s heart. Who does that remind me of? God. Also, she always kept reminding me of this Tau Gamma motto, “Live and let live.”
  7. She’s very interesting which makes her fun to be with. Isn’t that obvious yet?
  8. She pays credit when credit is due. That’s a vital quality that not a lot of people can possess.
  9. She’s open minded and impartial.
  10. My Mom’s Tau Gamma. Yeah, that’s right. UP Baguio Tau Gamma Sigma represent!
  11. She studies Feng Shui and is actually very good at it. People often look her up and ask for some Feng Shui advice. She’s such a hipster that way.
  12. She is a hard worker. Whether it was dedication to her job as a Store Manager at Boots, or studying, cooking and helping around the house, she taught us the meaning of a job well done.
  13. She’s extremely understanding. She often gives me the “been there, done that” speech.
  14. She’s a total potty mouth.. in the funny sense. However, it’s never a good idea to piss her off. Her vocabulary becomes extremely colorful when she’s upset, lol.
  15. She’s always punctual. She keeps track of her schedule and follows it all the way.
  16. Other than being a potty mouth, my Mom’s brutally frank. She’d tell you what she thinks regardless of whether it will hurt you. I find this quality of my Mom to be extremely rare and something I look up to.
  17. Another combo to the previous two qualities that my Mom has, she can be such a bully somtimes. It can be down right mean at times, but it’s something I admire about her. It makes her so badass that people can’t mess with her. To my closest friends and classmates reading this, now you can understand where I get this from, LOL! 😛
  18. She’s reliable. She delivers what she says she will, when she says she will. Can YOU do that? I don’t think so.
  19. My Mom is a true friend. Hundreds, or even thousands of people will attest to how blessed they are to have my Mom as their friend or even have her in their life. She’s always there when you need her and provides a strong shoulder to lean on.
  20. She raised three beautiful and infinitely amazing daughters. We all turned out to be extra awesome and Mommy continues to make us even better human beings. Celine Mamangon Gianna Gabriella Bouchebl Maria Corazon Lafuente
  21. Mommy loves to spoil my sisters and I. She’d often sneak us out to the mall just to go shopping especially during sale. Mommy just loves getting us things and providing us with more than we could ask for.
  22. She’s always game. Mommy’s barely kill joy about things. She’s always up for adventures.
  23. She’s inspirational to everyone around her, especially to the people who are so jelly of her because she’s so awesome.
  24. She can laugh at herself, and she does frequently, along with the rest of us.  But it’s only because she does some pretty crazy stuff!  There’s never a dull moment with my Mom.
  25. She stands by her convictions. She’s not a hypocrite like most of the people around us. My Mom’s an incredibly ballsy woman. I guess she developed that when she became an activist during her college days.
  26. Mommy’s protective of my sisters and I yet she gives us enough room to grow on our own and commit mistakes so that we may learn from them. She does have deep sense of protectiveness though.  Come after her family and she is the destroyer of worlds.
  27. She always makes everything a learning opportunity.  From every meal I ever watched her make (“Are you watching what I’m doing?  See how I put the water an inch over the rice?”)… to picking out quality things (“See how good this is? Compared to the rest, it’s shit.”) and everything in between.
  28. She’s a very down to earth person. You won’t hear her talk about herself so much, especially not in the boastful manner.
  29. She’s a total bookworm. My Mom was the one who got me into reading pocket books when she forced me to read Harry Potter.
  30. She’s badass, just like me. Where do you think I got it from? Like mother, like daughter, duh!
  31. Mommy’s my number one fan. 😀 She’s always up to date with my blog and everything that I do. I’m so grateful for her.
  32. She lets me know I’m good enough, and this goes with my sisters as well. Some people feel they can never live up to their mother’s expectations. And in a nice way, Mommy’s expectations weren’t so high (anymore) that I couldn’t reach them, so I’m pretty comfortable with myself. If a person’s mother believes in them, they think they can do anything. And if a person’s mother doesn’t? Well . . . can you imagine how lame and unsuccessful I’d be right now?
  33. She loves to sing, regardless of time and place. She always keeps our house so lively. Her favorite ones were always Dancing Queen, but she’s moved on to Girl On Fire lately. Even my boyfriend remembers my Mom whenever he hears that song.
  34. She’s an amazing cook. She makes the most mouthgasmic meals your tongue can ever experience. You are definitely missing out on life if you haven’t had any of my Mom’s cooking.
  35. She’s a total stage mom. She always pushed my sisters and I to do great things and accomplish more than we originally planned. Mama was actually the one who got me into practical target shooting which then lead to my numerous championship trophies and the rest of our useful talents and skills. I love you, Ma!
  36. She has a big appetite to learn new things. She’s always pushing herself to learn new things. This goes with her always being game for anything. First, Facebook, then her Samsung Note 2 and soon photography with my amateur-level DLSR. I’m so proud of you! 😀 Also, she’s fluent with the current crazy acronyms online and uses them often. So kyot kyot.
  37. My Mom’s always up to date with current trends. She’s cool like that.
  38. She’s so high blood. Oh my goodness, don’t even get me started on this. The smallest things tick her off but she’s not the type to blow up quickly. She’s deadly. She keeps quiet when around other people but she immediately lashes out her colorful words to my sisters and I especially with her closest friends. Remember that I said she’s a potty mouth? Every one close with my Mom knows that if she doesn’t sermon you, she doesn’t care about you. My Mom’s so unique that way. 🙂
  39. Did I tell you that she’s from UP Baguio? Amazing, right? Told you she’s smart. She first took up BS Math then shifted to PolSci.
  40. She gives great advice especially when it comes to major life decisions. She will always present you with better alternatives in overcoming life’s challenges.
  41. She’s so focused and driven. I don’t think anything or anyone can distract whatever she wants to accomplish when she has her mind completely set on something. She has great goal setting skills.
  42. My Mom is genuine. What you see is what you get with her. No bullshit, no drama.
  43. She’s the most amazing mentor you can ever encounter. Spend just an hour, or even half an hour, with her and you will learn all you ever need to know about life. I’m not even exaggerating.
  44. Hands down, my Mom’s the strongest woman I have ever met. No one can ever compare.
  45. She’s my BFF. We tell each other anything and everything. We even have those late night conversations that last until 5 in the morning. Priceless moments.
  46. She gave birth to me and made me incredibly awesome.
  47. She has a tight relationship with God. Honestly, I have never witnessed a prayer being answered as fast as my Mom’s prayers have. No joke, there was this one Wednesday when we went to Baclaran Church in the afternoon and by the time we got home after dinner, all that she prayed for were immediately answered. It’s really amazing, especially when Mommy’s not a frequent church goer. She’s that amazing.
  48. She’s one of the best moms in the world and I can say this because a  lot of my friends have told me that they wished she was their mom instead.

My beloved readers, my Mom is all those 48 things and so much more. Even a million times more. She is and always will be the best blessing God has ever given me. And just like what I mentioned in my last year’s birthday tribute post for her, “I’m proud of my Mom. I’m also proud of the relationship I have with my Mom. She’s more than just the woman who gave me life. She’s the woman that keeps me alive. She’s my stronghold. I absolutely would go mentally insane without her.” It may not have been easy getting to where we are, but it sure as hell is worth it.

Mama, it’s so heartbreaking to be away from you on your birthday for the 6th consecutive year since I left Kuwait back in 2008. I’ve been missing out on those times we’d always prepare you your birthday breakfast in bed or make those kyot kyot gifts made out of the things found in the house when Nana, Gabgab and I were 10 to 12 years younger. Things are definitely different now and I wish I could turn back time or make it stop. I just want you to know that I’m very happy that I’m finally of legal to be able to help you with life, to divide your burden in half, to be your partner in crime. Though I may be half your age and probably not understand things or life as well as you can, you know that I am always here to listen so that you can let your stress out. Just a few more months ’til I can finally help you out properly. I meant everything I said during summer when you were here. I’ll make your dreams come true, Mommy. Just you wait. I’m almost there. I pinky promise I won’t let you down anymore.Celine Mamangon Corazon Lafuente Bouchebl



AKA Your first born, Pangs 🙂


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