Grand Launch of the Debut by Juan Carlo

After another unexpected hiatus, I come back with yet another fascinating post. I believe that my beautiful lady readers will enjoy this. You gals are in for a treat!

Last Sunday on May 26th, I attended the grand launching of the Debut by Juan Carlo at Fernwood Gardens, Quezon City. But first, let me tell you a little something about Juan Carlo The Caterer, Inc.

Facebook photo from Debut by Juan Carlo
Facebook photo from Debut by Juan Carlo

Juan Carlo The Caterer, Inc. is an accredited caterer for many prestigious events be it weddings, kids’ parties, corporate set ups and now even debuts. It is owned and managed by Engr. Alex Michael Del Rosario and his wife, Teresita Macatangay Del Rosario. They have named their business after their only son, Juan Carlo M. Del Rosario, who also happens to be the Marketing Head of their said business. I got to know that fact after having spoken to Juan Carlo himself at the event last Sunday. 🙂

Juan Carlo The Caterer, Inc. were the brains behind so many celebrity weddings like the surprise wedding of Carmina & Zoren Legaspi, the weddings of Senator Bong Revilla, Jr. & Lani Mercado, Sharon Cunera & Francis Pangilinan, Katherine de Castro & Eric Cruz, Kyla & Rich Alvarez, as well as Ogie Alcasid’s wedding to former wife Michelle Van Eimeren and  his second wedding to Regine Velasquez. If you check their website for news updates, you will see the many celebrities that have their functions taken care of by Juan Carlo The Caterer, Inc. like the birthday celebrations of Andi Eigenman‘s daughter and Jodi Sta. Maria‘s son.

With more than 17 years of experience, they are more than capable of making your dream events come true and with that they are ready for their latest venture yet, the Debut by Juan Carlo. 

The Debut by Juan Carlo was born through a school project in De Lasalle University Manila, where Juan Carlo is a third year Marketing student there. During the introduction, Juan Carlo mentioned that, “Juan Carlo The Caterer was like his sibling, a baby named after him“.  Since Debut by Juan Carlo was conceptualized by Juan Carlo himself it now makes it his very own baby, which solely focuses on debuts.

Juan Carlo The Caterer is not new to these kinds of functions as they are the choice of many celebrities in fulfilling the best of their life’s many milestones. Juan Carlo said that their mission is simple. It is to make every girl’s dream debut come true, just like what Juan Carlo The Caterer Inc. did for Julia Montes’ debut. They just simply want to give their clients the best and in accordance with their client’s preferences.

With their professional team, they are capable of accommodating events very quickly. They can cater to a rushed yet successful event with only two weeks’ notice. However, it would be more preferred to have it done with a minimum of six months leave time to enable Juan Carlo The Caterer to completely bring their famous wow factor. Their basic debut package amounts to PhP200,000 which includes the basic needs of a debutante for her special day. However, different packages have different amounts. Each one with different terms of payment, but normally has a 70% down payment. Juan Carlo The Caterer provides services to many different places, even those outside of Manila. Juan Carlo and his father explained all of the above during the press conference.

Julia Montes graced the event with her presence. She’s even more breathtakingly beautiful in person.

Julia Montes is the face of Debut by Juan Carlo as they organized and catered to her debut last March. Julia went on to tell everyone of how wonderful it was working with Juan Carlo The Caterer and how they managed to make her special day a dream come true with more than what she expected. If you, my beloved readers, have watched the debut of Julia Montes on television then you would know just how grand the event was. Trust Juan Carlo The Caterer and have your every dream debut come true.

Juan Carlo The Caterer wouldn’t be without their accredited suppliers (click on them to go to their respective online stores):

 Here are a few photos of their accredited suppliers’ booths:

After the dinner of mouthgasmic delicacies, there was a fashion show from Edd Sy‘s collection of cocktail dresses, kiddie debutantes and debutante’s gowns.

Edd Sy debutant collection

Here are some of the dresses that I liked from Edd Sy’s collections:

Beautiful, aren’t they?

Here’s a photo of me with the one and only Juan Carlo. Thank you so much for being so friendly and accommodating! 🙂 Congratulations to your successful launch and God bless on your latest venture!

For more information, please visit Juan Carlo The Caterer’s official webite, as well as Debut by Juan Carlo’s Facebook page. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Juan Carlo M. Del Rosario: 

I would also like to thank Venus Daphne Corpuz for all the photos posted here. 😀

Have a great week, everybody!


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