Summer 2013: ChilLine Tagaytay

How are your Summer 2013 going? Mine’s been pretty amazeballs. I just recently got back from Tagaytay with my favorite people and we stayed there from Saturday ’til Tuesday. I’ll be sure to talk about that on the next blog post.

I know I’m so far behind with my blog and I pinkypromise to make it up to you guys within this week since I won’t be as busy as I’ve been lately. Anyways, I’m here to talk about the awesomesauce house we stayed at for most of our Tagaytay getaway trip to make up for my long absence.

The second place we stayed in was at ChilLine T-house. T standing for Tagaytay, obviously. We were there from Sunday to Tuesday. We kind of got lost getting there because we weren’t sure of the directions and it turns out that we passed it by while trying to look for it. You can get there by driving to the Tagaytay Rotonda. From there, you’ll see a Police Outpost with a huge Pulis sign beside a BPI Bank, take that road down and just continue driving further down.  Keep driving until you see a Euclave sign. Beside that sign is a bamboo gate with the number 132 on the left. You can drive your car down the black steel gate, and voila! Paradise. 🙂 I hope it’ll help getting you there and save you from getting lost like we did, lol.

We were in absolute awe upon first setting eyes on the place. Before getting there, we had this Tony Stark’s house idea in our heads since half of the group didn’t know how it looked like. The place was sitting on the edge of the cliff and it was complimented with a spectacular view of the Taal Volcano, it’s lake, and a hidden zen garden. The fantastic view of Tagaytay’s highlands reminded me so much of Lebanon, especially at night.

The first thing you see is the main door in front of this garden like vine thing. Behind it is the roof deck where you can actually see the entire size of the place and the spectacular view. The roof deck is large enough to run around on. We found a way to make it like a playground. It was so much fun.

42-ChilLine Tagaytay House Celine Mamangon  (42)

In front of the main door is the parking spaces. It’s good for about three to four cars, I guess. There’s this cute, fluffy black cat that mostly stays in that area. We got it to go inside with us though and we fed it. It was a pretty chill cat. The caretaker said that it grew old in that house.

When you get inside the main door, you’ll be greeted with a Greek-Balearic flavor of the house. Hands down to the interior design of the house. You could totally feel the culture of it. You’d have to take the stairs down to get the main parts of the house.

35-ChilLine Tagaytay House Celine Mamangon  (35)

The sala has a breathtaking view of the pool area and the Taal Volcano, lake and a few islands. The windows of the sala stood from the floor to the ceiling. Yup, pretty massive. The furniture was decent despite being used before we got there, although I expected better on the living room furniture. There was a flat screen television with a loud enough sound system that can be heard from the pool area.

Beside the living room is the dining area. The table being made of marble, I think. It can sit to about ten people. There were only nine of us so there’d always be an extra seat. The dining area echoes to the whole house. We weren’t sure if it was a good thing or not. Outside the dining room, you can see the jacuzzi and the pool.

This area which is greeted by the stairs to the main door leads to two bedrooms. The one on the left has a queen sized bed with it’s own bathroom. I didn’t take any pictures of that room because of the mess we created. 😛

The one of the right is one of two of the master suites that has a semi-double bed, it’s own dressing room area with loads of cabinets, a large hot tub, a bathroom and large windows exposing the spectacular view.

There are actually four bedrooms to the place. The other two are a simple bedroom and the other being the remaining master suite. The simple bedroom has two single sized beds and a bathroom. Though it was simple, it was actually creepy and gave off a  bad vibe to us so no one slept in there. It doesn’t have a good view like the other room did. I didn’t even take pictures of it other than the door. Good points to it are that it’s right beside the kitchen and nearest to the stairs.

The last room is the other master suite which also has massive windows with the spectacular view. It had a queen sized bed, a large shower that’s separate from the bathroom. It’s smaller than the first master suite but it was more inviting. It’s located just below the bigger master suite, so you’d need to use the stairs to get to it. Pretty cool, huh?

Now about the kitchen. The gourmet kitchen has a near complete set of materials and utensils. It has a stove, a non-operating oven, a microwave, an electric water dispenser, a Samsung double door refrigerator, and a double sink. All the pots, pans, plates, glasses, spoons, forks, and most utensils were all fine and dandy, however, the knives were dull. We could barely cut with it without applying more force. Although the place comes with it’s own chef and house keeper, we still preferred cooking our own meals. It was more fun that way, especially when we would sing and make loud, funny noises while we were at it. Behind the kitchen was another bathroom and washing area with showers but we never got to use that. You also have a view of the pool and the area of the outside from the kitchen.

50-ChilLine Tagaytay House Celine Mamangon  (50)

49-ChilLine Tagaytay House Celine Mamangon  (49)

Oh and, we bought all the ingredients at the local palengke, groceries, and 711. At times we’d be too tired to cook or run out of stuff to cook, we’d eat at the fast food restaurants nearby.

We were told that there would be a masseuse/masseur other than the chef and the caretakers. However, we never got to experience that. We were all too shy to ask about it although we really wanted to have massages. There was also free WiFi access, but it was super slow that it barely loaded anything. Good thing I had my own pocket WiFi to get us by. Yes, thank you, Smart Rocket WiFi! 🙂

Oh yeah, there’s a sauna and steam room just below the chill spot beside the pool.  There was a toilet, a shower and a washing area beside the sauna.

The pool is around at least 3 feet to 6 or 7 feet at most. It was alright. It wasn’t totally clean but it wasn’t that dirty either. You could tell that it was poorly maintained. Sucks that the jacuzzi wasn’t working.

Near the pool is this part we mostly stayed to chill and just hang out, especially at night because it would get really cold and breezy then. Though the view was better in the morning, we still got to appreciate it at night. We’d star gaze at that spot and actually bring pillows and blankets along with us. We’d also blast some music and sing like psychos. It was a total blast.

The rates on the place are actually very reasonable considering the massive space of the land and the architectural structure of the place. On weekdays it’s 25,000PhP, one night on weekends it goes up to 30,000PhP and weekend rates from Friday to Sunday is only 55,000PhP. All the rates mentioned are exclusive of 12% VAT and 10% service charge.

While the house was indeed totally kickass, it was poorly maintained. I honestly expected better with regards to the quality of the furniture and whatnot since they seemed overused and worn out. Some parts of the floors had holes in them, especially in the big master suite.

According to its website, it was the first Asian home to be featured in Architectural Digest and also it was supposed to undergo major renovations to a Phase 2. I saw the designs of the proposed renovation and it looked spankin’. However, it doesn’t look like it’s going according to the plan. If any renovations is actually taking place, it’s going by a turtle’s pace. Hopefully, it’ll be done the next time we decide to stay there again.

If any of you are interested in renting the place out for a day or so, you can get in touch with the numbers mentioned on their website. ChilLine Tagaytay is an ideal venue for corporate retreats, private parties (like what we just had), and exclusive events. Though I wouldn’t recommend having a wedding there any time soon since it’s not well-kept lately. It’s more suitable for small get together’s and parties. You won’t be disappointed. Promise. 🙂

Oh yeah, I took all these photos with my boyfriend’s iPhone4S. I didn’t bring my DSLR and it was such a shame that I didn’t. I did not expect Tagaytay to be that beautiful. I’ve been there before countless times but this was the first time I got to really appreciate its worth.

Well, that’s all for this post. Hope y’all having an awesome Summer 2013, and not spending it just locked up at home and balling your eyes out on your computer and the internet. That’s super lame. Get out and  live life, yo! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Summer 2013: ChilLine Tagaytay

  1. Very nice photos Celine. This is very informative. Just check your links, they seem to be changed. Keep it up!

  2. Hi there Celine! I saw this blog of yours and I hope it’s still active. I’m trying to ren this villa but it seems to me that this place is already inactive? There’s no information online to where and who I can contact regarding this house. I know u mentioned in your blog that it’s poorly maintained but I still want to rent it because the view just takes my breath away. I’m planning to stay in the philippines and I want to stay in this house during the weekend or more days. Please email me back and if you have any contact info about renting this house, please let me know. I will surely appreciate your time and help. Again, thanks very much!

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