Beauty Queens

Two months into my AWOL, I have finally returned, my beloved readers! To make up for my long absence, I’d like to showcase something a big sister is most proud of: her most beautiful baby sisters! They looked absolutely stunning during their prom night. And here’s our awesome mother who has helped my sisters out that night despite being stressed and tired from work. We love you, Mama!

Lately, we’ve been bombarded with prom photos and events on Facebook or Twitter from high school students. Prom, in Manila and other schools that observe the Philippine academic calendar, occurs around this time of year. It usually starts on the second to the last week of February. For my younger sisters, it was on the last day of February. How unfortunate it is for me to have missed out on the second highest point of their high school lives. Being thousands of miles away does not, and can not, prevent me from publicly presenting my infinitely beautiful baby sisters, and it’s already been five days since their prom finished 😉 I like how they both had dashing prom dates, totally adorbs yo.

Prom or not, my sisters always look very beautiful. I’m even more proud of their current academic achievements. And this is coming from a big sister who spent most of her life bullying these two lovely bebes. See how they are on regular days?

Like the Cinderella movie, my sisters were transformed into breathtaking beauties for one night. No, they did not have a fairy god mother with a magic wand. For that special night, they had Mr. Marlon Aquino Malinao‘s special kind of magic.

He was behind my sisters’ gorgeous transformation. He really magnified part of their Lebanese beauty which they got from our dad. Lovely, aren’t they?

I’ve seen so many pictures of my sisters’ JS Prom, there was one more lovely lady that instantly caught my attention because of her extremely elegant gown that reminded me of a Versace collection. Her hair and make up gave her gown justice. Sunshine Andrade looked drop dead gorgeous and it comes to no surprise at all considering that it was her big sister, ate Honey Andrade (a fashionista and a fashion blogger), who did her hair and make up. What a treat that must’ve been! 😀

Sunshine Andrade PIES JS Prom

Such a shame none of these three dashing divas were able to bag one of the most coveted titles in the high school social hierarchy. It’s a no brainer if politics played a big role on it. As you all probably know, my dear beloved readers, politics is present in almost every aspect of life as of now. However, it’s usually more evident in the system of the school my sisters are in. I’m more than familiar with that having studied there myself for about 9 years and becoming an alumnus afterwards. For shame, really. Prom is one of the most special nights of growth and realization for every teen’s life before setting off to college. The judges should have been highly impartial to give a fair chance to all the beautiful and handsome participants present. Just because my sisters and a few beautiful ladies were left unnoticed does not mean anyone should let it slide so easily. Also, this is my sisters’ first and last prom because their current school only holds prom every other year. How unusual, right? For shame, really.

Anyways… Moving on, here are my favorite pictures of my sisters because for me, the happiest girls are the most beautiful ones. Don’t you agree? 🙂

Oh yeah, Shine and Nana, along with two gorgeous babes, were featured in Kuwait’s Arab Times newspaper and it was such a delight to see. It’s very flattering to know that other people appreciated true beauty and even opted to broadcast it nationwide. See? 🙂

Sunshine Andrade Gianna Bouchebl Kuwait Arab Times

Another proud big sister moment was when my youngest sister was passed on the Mantle of Responsibility. During my prom night, the torch thing was passed on to me. 🙂

Nana and Gabb, I could not be more proud of the beautiful ladies you two grew up to be, both inside and out. Just a few more struggles before we can all finally be together so hang in there. Continue doing well in school and making us all proud. The three of us will forever be Daddy’s girls. I love and miss you all! 🙂

I grabbed these photos from all my Facebook friends. Thank you (you know who you guys are once you see the pictures I borrowed, haha)! 😀


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