Thank You For Being Awesome, 2012!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!! 

Here’s my very first blog post for the year! 😀

It’s finally 2013, and may I conclude that 2012 has indeed been a great year for me. It’s probably one of my favorite years. SO much has happened, both good and bad. All of the memories blend in so well which makes my 2012 pretty friggin’ awesome! I’m here, my awesome beloved readers, to give you a countdown of my favorite moments of this year. Well, just my top 15 favorite moments.

Not only that, but if you don’t mind, my beloved readers, for me to use my blog to give a rundown of my favorite memories and to thank all the special people in my life. 🙂

Here goes!

  1. Simple Plan Get Your Heart On concert on January 12!
    It was my first concert with my awesome boyfriend, Paolo Solano. Simple Plan sound pretty awesome when they perform live. It’s even better than their studio performances. Hands down.
  2. CDBATT reunions! ❤ Pinky Tinay’s 23rd birthday celebration.
  3. SPUM@100! My alma mater’s centennial celebration where my cat, Tony, won as the only cat at the pet parade.
  4. A very Gumbo Valentines date!
  5. Spent about a month in Kuwait during summer break from March 16 to April 11. It was the first time in nearly 4 years since I got to come back home to my lovely desert country.
  6. Got my first ever DSLR baby ❤ Canon EOS 60D! I named him Buzz.
  7. A wild 21st birthday party.
  8. Got my first ever dog, a Labrador Husky! ❤ Phoebe is currently almost as big as a wolf. I can actually ride her back now. 😀
  9. Finally started living on my own.
  10. 3rd Anniversary with my one and only Paolo Solano. ❤ August 09, baby! My first ever DAS shoes! ❤ DAS
  11. Sudden reunions with my high school classmates! ❤ PIES ’08, baby!
  12. My blog’s first ever blogoversary! Hello to my successful blog giveaways! ❤ Special thanks to my wonderful sponsors, Kookie KPop OLS and PMS.
  13. Halloween 2012! Found true friends to have awesome adventures (every weekend) with! ❤ Paolo Solano, Weeza Pilares, Jirin Rueda, Jester Nobleza, Oscar Poblete, featuring Ana Pilares, Joseph Smith and Alvin Hinahon~
  14. Spent quality time with my awesome mother for two weeks (November 30 to December 12) just before the Christmas holidays. ❤ Best two weeks I’ve had in Philippines.
  15. We all survived the Mayan Apocalypse! Yey for us! 😀

I’m infinitely grateful for all the blessings I’ve received this year. I know I am not worthy of it, but I’m just thankful for it all. I can’t forget about the special people who have touched my life this year and made it a trillion times better:

  • My awesome parents for giving me nothing but the best in life, especially to my gorgeous mother for being my BFF.
  • My beautiful sisters for letting me make fun of them all the time and for being my best friends.
  • My awesome boyfriend for being my shoe fairy and spoiling me with all the shopping sprees, love and attention that most girls can only dream of.
  • My BFF, James Manlangit, for being my rock. You’re the best. I’m so proud of you!
  • My beautiful Phoebe for giving me my freedom and independence. Even if you’re a big pain in the butt at times, I still love you.
  • My Pinky Tinay Dris, for being absolutely amazing! I love you so much!
  • Auntie Sheilah for always understanding, for being so trusting, and for being like a big sister to me.
  • My lovies (Noresa Aseron, Venus Daphne, Christine Lu) for being true. I love you girls!
  • My chica, Alexis Valenzona, for being the greatest friend and inspiration to Paolo and I.
  • My bros, RDCD, for being so close even though we’re all thousands of miles away from each other. I miss you guys!
  • The Alpha-Q peeps (Paolo Solano, Weeza Pilares, Jirin Rueda, Ana Pilares, Jester Nobleza, and Oscar Poblete) for all the amazing adventures every weekend and solid friendship. I LOVE YOU ALL!!! 😀
  • The BSA-FMA3 peeps for always making me laugh every school day. It’s always amusing being with you all.
  • Rhedentor Naguit for being awesome. I’ve never had a dull moment with you. Conversations were always insightful and breathless. Yieee~ 😉
  • To all my current and potential blog sponsors!
  • And of course, you, my awesome beloved reader for your support of my blog.

There was so much more to my 2012 but this was my favorite memories and people. Ah, time surely flies way too fast lately. I hope that all of your New Year celebrations go smoothly and safely. Let us welcome this new year with new hope and fresh beginnings. And just like what Brad Paisley (one of my favorite country singers) said:

“Tomorrow (or Today in this case), is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.”

Oh, keep posted with me this week! Lots of pending drafts to look forward to. It’ll be worthwhile, I pinky promise! Happy New Year again! God bless you and your families!


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