Romeo Beckham for Burberry Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

My Christmas break has officially started! To celebrate it, here’s an instant blog post for y’all. It’s about two of my favorite British loves: a Beckham and Burberry.

If you’re an avid reader of my blog, you’d know that I’m absolutely head over heels for the timeless fashion icon, Victoria Beckham. In this blog post, I’ll be talking about her adorable 10-year-old son, Romeo Beckham. Although Romeo looks more of his designer mum, he’s as handsome as his football superstar dad, David Beckham.

Burberry, a British fashion giant, has always been one of my favorite brands because of its timeless classy and chic look. What a treat it is for me to have two of my favorite British loves in one campaign! Romeo Beckham, following the footsteps of his fashion icon mum, has made his  modelling debut into the fashion world by starring in Burberry’s Spring/Summer 2013 Campaign with Edie Campbell, Cara Delevingne, Charlotte Wiggins, Alex Dunstan, Charlie France, and Max Rendell and loads more. Yes, that’s right, folks. Romeo Beckham is the newest face of Burberry!

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Donning a classic Burberry macintosh, Romeo strikes an adorable posing while balancing on one foot while holding a Burberry plaid umbrella. In this photo, he joins models Edie Campbell and Cara Delevingne who are long time Burberry favorites.

Doesn’t he look totes adorbs?! 

This collection focuses on the iconic trench coat and heritage outwear which features the mixture of Burberry Prorsum, Burberry London and Burberry Brit clothing. “This season’s campaign lights up with the infectious energy of an amazing young cast of old and new Burberry family,” according to Burberry’s chief creative officer, Christopher Bailey.

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 Bailey also made mention that Romeo was well behaved on set and was a joy to work with. Well, I wouldn’t be surprised. Romeo does have a designer mum that has her own fashion label and a sporting superstar dad that also has his own underwear range. Modelling comes naturally for Romeo who comes from a very fashion forward family. I can’t wait to see Burberry’s Spring/Summer 2013 Collection! Aaaaah, so excited! I also can’t wait to see which brand Harper Seven will sign with. I just love the Beckhams!

Here’s the video teaser of Burberry’s Spring/Summer 2013 Campaign shot by the legendary fashion photographer, Mario Testino

That’s all for now, my beloved readers. Stay tuned for more blog post updates! Since I’m on break, I’ll be blogging more often now to make up for the time I was MIA. 🙂


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