My Halloween Treat Giveaway with PMS!

I’m so sorry for not fulfilling my pinky promise last night of publishing this giveaway. It was my last day of final exams for Financial Accounting 2 and Cost Accounting 1 yesterday so I was in dire need to blow off some steam. After exams, my boyfriend took me out and we had dinner at Quiznos with kuya Atek and ate Amy at the Fort then went to eat some more at Mercato. SO yeah, I pretty much had an end-of-the-semester feast last night. I came home pass midnight which did not give me any time to publish this post.

Anyways.. It’s 11 days before Halloween and my parent’s wedding anniversary. Yes, my parents got married on Halloween 16 years ago. It’s actually pretty cool. Every year on Halloween, it’s always a double celebration for me and my family. Since I’m not in Kuwait this year and can’t really give my parents a gift (because being the best daughter is enough for them), I’m treating one or two lucky winner/s to a 1,000PhP worth of accessories from PMS!

I love accessories and I want to give one or two of my beloved readers a treat to something I love. 🙂 Please remember that the shipping fee will be inclusive in the 1,000PhP. Also, you can only pick the items that are available on PMS’ Facebook page. Yes, of course the winner/s will be the one/s choosing whatever she/he/they want from PMS as long as it’s available and within the 1,000PhP agreement. 🙂

Why one or two? The number of winners will depend on the number of participants in this giveaway. If there’ll be an overwhelming number of participants, then I’ll be picking two winners. More chances of winning! 🙂 So spread this to all of your friends, be it a girl or boy.

So here are the mechanics: 

(PLEASE read the instructions properly)

The winner/winners will be announced on October 31st, 2012,  will be chosen through, and will then be announced through my Facebook page.

I hope you’re all as excited as I am for this. Thank you, PMS, for sponsoring this giveaway!

God bless and good luck to everyone! :D


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