reginecelinaaa x Kookie KPop OLS: Girl’s Generation [CLOSED]

I hope you’re all doing fine especially with this weather we’re currently having. The weather’s been making it nearly impossible for me to get things done. Urgh, bed weathers.


I know I’m supposed to publish each giveaway every weekend. However, due to my currently developing hell week, I became too preoccupied with schoolworks. So yeah, here’s the fourth part of my first blogoversary giveaway!

My sponsors thought it’d be nice to give out a Girl’s Generation T-shirt in celebration with the upcoming KPop Fantasy Concert on January 2013. I actually like GG. I find them adorable and amusing, but still I am no Kpop fangirl.

Going back to this giveaway, the reason why I don’t have an actual photo of the product is because it will depend on the winner. The winner of this will be able to choose the color, the size and the word at the back of the shirt. The design was provided by Kookie KPop OLS.

So here are the mechanics: 

(PLEASE read the instructions properly)

There is still one more giveaway to look forward to this Saturday! However, it won’t be Korean oriented anymore. It’s something I love collecting. It’s fashionable accessories from a new sponsor of mine so keep posted! 😀

If you haven’t joined the first, second, and third part of my first blogoversary giveaway of the EXO-K and Sistar album and the Big Bang socks set, click herehere and here.

Remember, all the winners of my blogoversary giveaways will be announced on October 08, 2012! Winner will be chosen via and will be announced through my Facebook page and Twitter account. There are still more giveaways to look forward to every weekend so keep posted!

God bless and good luck to everyone! :D


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