Quiznos finally in Manila!

Yes, that’s right, Quiznos has finally arrived in Manila! It is located at One Parkade, 7th St. cor 28th St., Bonifacio High Street, Taguig. It’s right beside BonChon. Their first branch opened just last Sunday, September 23, 2012. Look! There’s a photobooth right outside the entrance. How cute!

Actually, I first saw their “Coming soon” ad at Greenbelt 3 when I was hanging out with my Doodoo, Benz Zabala, which was about 3 weeks ago. I hope the one in Greenbelt 3 opens soon since it’ll be closer to me than the one in BHS. I also heard that there might be one in Cubao. I’m actually really happy that there’ll be a lot of branches of Quiznos in Manila. Paolo has been waiting for Quiznos ever since he got here back in 2009; it’s his favorite. The place was coozy and gave out a delicious vibe. 😀

The second my boyfriend heard that the one from BHS was opened, we immediately went there right after our classes. Paolo and I actually went on a triple date with Oscar, Fatimah, Kuya Atek (Paolo’s older CPA brother) and Ate Amy (Kuya Atek’s beautiful wife) via Skype because she’s currently in Germany for a business trip. It was loads of fun! 🙂

We ♥ Kipling

Anyways, here’s what we ate:

I first had a Ceasar Salad while waiting for the rest to arrive because I haven’t had a decent meal that day prior to going to Quiznos.  Being in a country were Philippine’s large size is only equivalent to America’s kids meal size, their sandwiches were actually pretty gigantic. They have Small, Regular and Large. Their Small ranges from 5-6 inches, their Regular is twice the size of the Small, and the Large is the Small and Regular combined. When it comes to the taste it’s absolutely mouthgasmic! 

Cheesy Cheese Steak
Chicken Carbonara
Honey Mustard Chicken

It was an infinitely satisfying meal. Totally worth the trip! If any of you happen to be around High Street, I highly recommend that you drop by Quiznos and have a mouthgasmic meal. I pinkypromise you that you will jizz your pants after your taste buds explode from awesomeness. 😉

Go there and find out just how mouthgasmicly amazing it is! 😀

Like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter for the latest updates.

Bonus: Here’s their menu which can also be found on their Facebook page! 🙂

Well, that’s all for now. Hope you guys are having an awesome week! 🙂


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