reginecelinaaa x Kookie Kpop OLS: Big Bang [CLOSED]

Ready for the third part of my first bloggerversary giveaway?! 😀

I was supposed to publish this last night but due to the UP event I attended, I had no time to do so. I’ll be writing about that UP event I went to so keep posted! Anyways, here’s the third part of my first bloggerversary giveaway!

In celebration with the upcoming concert on October, I present this Big Bang socks set! 😀

As you can see, it’s no longer an album. It’s something more adorable! There have been many requests of the boy or girl band giveaways that I may do and Big Bang happens to be one of them among many others. I already let my sponsors from Kookie Kpop OLS make the poll of the giveaways I could have, but if you guys have any more suggestions, please feel free to post them here on my Facebook page. 🙂

So here are the mechanics: 

(PLEASE read the instructions properly)

You may have noticed that I changed the mechanics a little bit. This is due to the many questions of those who want to join. I hope this will be clearer and helpful for those who’ve been wanting to join my previous giveaways. I won’t be changing the mechanics for the previous two giveaways I’ve already posted as that will be unfair for those who have already made their entries.

If you haven’t joined the first and second part of my first bloggerversary giveaway of the EXO-K and Sistar album, click here and here.

Remember, all the winners of my bloggerversary giveaways will be announced on October 08, 2012! Winner will be chosen via and will be announced through my Facebook page and Twitter account. There are still more giveaways to look forward to every weekend so keep posted!

God bless and good luck to everyone! :D


Noticed my countdown widget? 😉


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