reginecelinaaa x Kookie Kpop OLS: EXO-K [CLOSED]

On Friday, I posted this picture:

Attention, #KPop #fangirls! Can you guess what this is? Keep posted tomorrow to find out 😉

This was sent directly from Korea, in case any of you were wondering.

I was supposed to publish this post yesterday but I was physically unfit to do so. To make up for it, I’ll give proper details of this blog giveaway which I’m about to do. 🙂

In about a month from now, this blog will be turning a year old. To celebrate for my first bloggerversary, I will be giving away a series of KPop oriented merchandises. To start, I’ll be giving away EXO-K‘s Mama album!

No, I am not a KPop fangirl. However, I do find KPop very amusing and interesting. Also, my sponsors happen to be very awesome KPop fangirls. Thank you so much, Kookie Kpop! 🙂

Here are the mechanics:

Then you’d have to wait until October 08, 2012 because that’s when reginecelinaaa turns 1! 🙂 This is just the first part of my bloggerversary giveaways, all of which will be KPop oriented. Well, one will be something different. There’ll be about five giveaways so keep posted! 😀

As promised earlier, I said I’d give proper details of the contents of the EXO-K album. So, here’s what you may be winning 😉

I hope you ladies don’t mind that I opened it. 😐 I assure you that it’ll be in perfect condition when the winner will receive it.

Entries start now!

Remember, all the winners of my bloggerversary giveaways will be announced on October 08, 2012! Winner will be chosen via and will be announced through my Twitter account. God bless and good luck to everyone!

Cheers to a new week ahead!


Happy 37th month anniversary, Babe! 🙂


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