Happy 3rd Anniversary, Babe!

Hello, beloved readers! 😀

Today is August 9, and it’s been three years since this photo: Well, 3 years at 6:44PM later.

Yes, that’s right. It’s Paolo and I’s third anniversary today! So happy!

Die of  cheesiness from our pictures, teehee! 😀

Taken at exactly 6:44PM on August 09, 2009

We’ve had so many precious memories that I lost count. I don’t even have enough space to put all those beautiful, happy moments in this blog post so I just picked a few of our cutest pictures.

To everyone out there, our relationship isn’t perfect. Yes, we do fight. More often that you can give us credit for, actually. The thing is, we just don’t publish it. We keep to ourselves when it comes to disputes, disagreements and misunderstandings. A relationship is just between the two people in it, and not the entire world. Give us a few moments and we can settle our unfavorable moments. You can’t expect to always be happy and have hearts and flowers all the time. A real relationship needs growth, as well as the two people involved. I’m happy to tell you that our relationship is real.

Babe, I’m eternally grateful for always being there for me. I’m also thankful for the times that you weren’t able to be there but wanted to, this permitted me to grow and learn by myself. I’m thankful for all the good and bad times we’ve had, for it taught us more about one another. Each moment was stepping stone towards the better version of ourselves. I appreciate the times you took care of me when I was unfit and unwell. I value all the times that you put my safety before your’s. But most of all, I’m grateful for the sincere friendship; for being my best friend forever. All your secrets, your gossips and your corny jokes are safe with me as I know mine are safe with you.

What I appreciate most about our relationship is how we’re both so close with each other’s family. We’re very family-oriented so it means a lot for both of us. I appreciate how our families have accepted Paolo and I being together.It’s a big deal that my dad has accepted Paolo because he’s never liked any of my previous boyfriends, ever.

I’m also very grateful for all the real friends we made along the way. I appreciate how they’ve all been very supportive about Paolo and I being together. What more can we ask for? I’m so thankful for all of the friendships we’ve both made together. I’m sorry that I couldn’t fit all of our pictures but I’m sure you guys know who you are, especially my BSA-FMA3 family and Paolo’s DMD1B family.

There were countless times that we both experienced trying situations. I take comfort with the fact that we’re always there for one another. Thank you for all the tight hugs with matching, “Everything will be alright,” whispers and then soft kisses on the forehead. I’m proud of the kind of persons we’ve become, both as one and individually. I’m also proud of the highly satisfying progress our relationship is making. More importantly, I’m extremely proud of you, Babe.Thank you for every real moment we’ve had. I honestly can not ask for more.

I’ll end this with a few parts in a Lady Antebellum song, Love I Found In You

Well, I wonder where I’d be if the Lord hadn’t heard my prayer.
The one I said every night ’til the day that you got here.
You showed me how to live and love forever,
With you, oh baby, I love you!

Some things really last forever,
And some things are meant to be,
Like you and me!

The Chorus:

Well, maybe we’re just lucky,
But, baby, that’s ok.
Some people search the whole world over
Just to find a love, that’s even half as true
As the love I’ve found in you.



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