Trendy Thursday: Trendphile Manila

Everything happens for a reason.

Hey, guys! I was devastated earlier this morning when I woke up an hour late for my Financial Accounting 2 subject. Yes, that’s a big deal because it’s one of my accounting major subjects. I’ve never been absent for that subject. It’s totally heartbreaking! Some students wouldn’t mind missing classes but I’m no longer that kind of student. I was completely devastated! I was busy sulking over it when there was a knock at my door. Little did I know that I was about to be cheered up when this little package came along.

Thank you, Trendphile Manila! This really made my day. I completely forgotten about how depressed and stressed I was about missing FinAcco2. I became giddy as I was opening up the parcel.

However, just before I received this package, I was talking to a good friend, Ms. Ellice Madridejos. She suddenly pm’d me and we got to talk. She comforted me about my recent situation saying, “Everything happens for a reason.” I took comfort in her words despite not yet knowing what that reason may be.  Maybe it’s God trying to tell me that even during unfavorable situations, He’s there to give me hope and make everything better. I didn’t expect my package to come today, honestly. God just continues to surprise me by letting me know that good things come to those who are good and when you least expect it.

This package meant a great deal to me today because I was honestly breaking down right after I woke up. I was too preoccupied with asking God for help. Wishing that Sir Chan won’t give a quiz or anything heavy that can drastically pull my grades down this midterms. The arrival of this package was a wonderful sign from God that everything will be alright. I feel so blessed.

Here are the contents of the simple parcel I received this morning.

A colorful zipper thingy bracelet. I just colorful things.

A sexy, spiked ear cuff. I can’t seem to fit it though. 😐

And two more cute bracelets. One in pink and one in red.

Simplicity at it’s best.

Do check out Trendphile Manila! They have the cutest things.

I hope you guys are having a wonderful day. Remember that there’s a beautiful rainbow after each storm. God reminded me of that this morning.

Good vibes and love lots!

– Celine 🙂


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