Wednesday Wardrobe: Chix’s ribbon headbands & soda lip balms

Hello, beloved readers! I’ll give you beautiful readers a quick post.

Just this week, I purchased ten ribbon headbands and six soda lip balms from Chix. I’d like to show you just how adorable their items are at a very inexpensive price.

Almost everyone that knows me or sees me often would know that I’m a ribbon headband person. 95% of my hair accessories are ribbon headbands, so it’s not difficult to figure out what to get me for gifts. *hint hint* 

Chix headbands are made of plastic. Most of my headbands are usually wrapped with cloth designs. This is different; good different. With the headbands being plastic, I wouldn’t have to worry about it getting dirty or stained. These are actually pretty comfortable too.

You might be wondering why I bought ten ribbon headbands. Well, it’s because I bought it in every color they had available. It was just too adorable to resist.

I use the white one for school because St. Paul University Manila does not allow any hair accessory colors other than black or white.

Aren’t the colors just adorable???

I put the white one on so you can see how it’d look like when worn.

Here’s a closer look.

It’s simple and elegant at the same time.

Here are the soda lip balms. It’s the first time I encountered these. It’s totally cute. It fits me because I’m not a make up person. I don’t like make up. Honestly. I usually go with natural beauty. *Nax* I don’t mind lip gloss/balm and other light make up though. As long as it looks natural, then I’m fine with it.

You probably noticed the misspellings of the sodas. I laughed when I first read them and then realized it was intentional.

The smell like the flavors of the sodas as well. Fnata smells like orange, Cola-Coca smells like strawberry or cherry, and it just matches with the flavor; kind of.

Well, there you have it, beloved readers. My latest and most adorable purchase as of late. 🙂

 Order your’s now while their stocks last! You won’t regret it, I promise! Click here for Chix’s Facebook page! Until next time, my beloved readers!

Love lots!

– Celine 🙂


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wardrobe: Chix’s ribbon headbands & soda lip balms

  1. Celine! Do you have any idea how long I’ve been gawking at this blog post after reading it? 😛 Seriously, the headbands and lipbalms are so freakin’ cute! Which headband color and lipbalm is your favorite by the way? =D

  2. i have been searching hi and low to find those lip balms at a decent price. can u send me a link on where to buy them? when i click the link already provided it brings me to facebook. i would love to purchase these so it would be grand if you helped me out 😊

  3. Hey, I have been searching everywhere for those lip balms and I don’t have Facebook so I can’t access the link. Could you email the website where I can buy them from? That would be very helpful.

    Thank you! (Ps. I love your blog!)

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