DAS My Shoes Countdown!

Hello, beloved readers! I am back with another Fashion Friday post about shoes. Not just any shoes, DAS shoes! *I was suppose to publish this yesterday but due to my overnight recollection, it crossed my mind. Sorry*

This is a 2-in-1 countdown. The first kind of countdown will the rundown of all the shoes that DAS currently has. The second kind is a time based countdown. In about 3 weeks, I will finally have my very first DAS shoes, courtesy of my amazing boyfriend! I just love anniversaries, and any type of holiday that we are obliged love to celebrate. 😉

DAS shoes has become more well known now. You can see people in DAS shoes during the Philippine Fashion Weeks, bazaars, TV programs, magazines and even in international events. It’s mainly because DAS shoes possess breathtaking and groundbreaking designs. I’m deeply in awe of the three amazing Bhagwandas sisters that are brains of every DAS shoes design. Every girl must own at least one pair from DAS. I’m super excited about having my first pair of DAS shoes real soon! 😀

So let us start familiarizing ourselves with all the current (as of July 21, 2012) shoes that DAS has to offer:

imageFrom top left to bottom right we have: DAS 01, DAS 02, DAS 03, DAS 04, tiger printed DAS 05, DAS 06, DAS 07, DAS 08 and DAS 09.

imageHere we have DAS 10, DAS 11 which is the only flats shoes and DAS 12 available in Cream and Black. DAS 12 is one of the many celebrities’ and bloggers’ favorite DAS shoes. I saw Kryz Uy and many other bloggers and celebrities wear DAS 12.

imageDAS 13 is in a Black & White mix, DAS 14 is available in many beautiful colors, DAS 15 is the one with the strap that you can tie like a ballerina shoes, and DAS 16 is in Red. Oh so sexy, right?

imageDAS began their heelless shoes and boots. DAS 17 in Red, DAS 18 in Black, DAS 19 in Bronze/Gold, DAS 20 in my favorite color purple, and then DAS 21 in Silver.

And when you thought their designs were sexy enough, it just got even better!


DAS 22 (top pic), DAS 23, DAS 24 in sexy spikes, DAS 25 in Black and DAS 26 in Nude.

imageDAS then made glittery designs. Kind of reminds me of Tinkerbell for some reason. 🙂 DAS 27 in Grey/Silver, DAS 28 in Purple, DAS 29 in Orange and DAS 30 in Light Green. I think this was a Holiday Collection if I’m not mistaken.

DAS designs then became even edgier.

imageDAS 31 in Brown, spikey heelless DAS 32, colorful DAS 33, celebrities’ and bloggers’ favorite DAS 34 in Pink, and a very creatively designed DAS 35 boots.

And it just keeps getting better and better!

DAS 36 in Nude, and DAS 37 available  in Lime Green, Red and Orange. DAS 37 is another bloggers’ favorite.

These ones are the latest from DAS. Here we have the sexy, spikey DAS 38 wedge, tribal heelless DAS 39, and the classy pretty much heelless DAS 40.

August 02, 2012 UPDATE:

Just before July ended, DAS presented their latest addition to their groundbreaking collection. DAS41, the lovechild of DAS03 and DAS34!

DAS shoes also have their customized designs, mainly done for celebrities. One of their most favorite customer is Kim Chiu who appeared on a lot of magazine features wearing DAS shoes. I think she may own every pair that’s shown here, but I’m just speculating. You can ask them to customize any DAS shoes. Here are some of their customized designs.

imageThe spiked heelless ones are for Kim Chiu, the neon Pink and Green DAS 14 is for Anne Curtis when she had her concert, and the Nude boots are for Andi Eigenmann. Of course, DAS has many more customized designs and I’m completely certain that there will be many more designs that are in store for us.

Here’s one example for instance. I saw this cute Pink heelless pair that was a customized design but was not given a specific number yet. We’ll just have to wait and see to find out which one this baby is.

Well, anyways, that’s pretty much all that I could find from DAS’ Facebook page. That’s where I got all these pictures from. You can check all the DAS features from their Facebook page. 🙂 So do check out their site here for more info like their prices and whatnot. Follow them on their Twitter account and on Instagram (@DASsisters) for the latest DAS updates. You might also want to check out Neeresh Bhagwandas’ LookBook account because she has an incredible taste in fashion.

Update: I’ve been receiving a lot of Google searches on “DAS stores”. As far as I know, they don’t really have a physical store as of late. Their physical stores only appear during bazaars and special events. I’m actually in awe of that. It is a very favorable marketing strategy. It is the audience that looks for and runs after them. Pretty smart, ey? 🙂

Lastly, do stay posted with me until I reveal which DAS shoes my boyfriend got me for our 3rd anniversary! EMZOEGGZITED!!!! ASDFGHJKL! August 09, please hurry up!!!! This just got me more excited about graduating and finally having a job so I can buy all the pairs from DAS! 😀

***I will keep updating this every now and then. 🙂

Love lots!

– Celine 🙂


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