Hardcore Nights And Genuine Friends

Hello again, dear readers! This will be a short post, I promise.


Normally, I would post this picture via Streamzoo and just let it sync to my Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts. However, this picture calls for a more formal publishing. Why? It is because a very special person sent these.

On the note, it says:


These are for your  hardcore nights. Haha. Wanna share to you the coffee kinds that I liked also.

Hugs + kisses


I’m so blessed to have such a sweet and genuine such as This Missy (aka Tinay Dris). She left me this simple yet meaningful token at the university’s entrance lobby. I only got hold of it today. I want to make a very formal and public appreciation. I am infinitely grateful for you, Pinky. It flatters me that you thought of my hardcore nights of Financial Accounting 2, Cost Accounting 1, Advanced Accounting and Law on Negotiable Instruments. It also warms my heart that you put into consideration my adoration need of coffee. You are too sweet. I simply love you! 🙂

Honestly, this is my most tiring semester. I’ve barely been having any time for myself since this school year has started. I have several pending blog posts that I’m dying to work on. I promise to get to it soon. I have so much to share!

Well, anyways… My unfinished Cost Accounting 1 and Advanced Accounting homeworks are still crying for my attention.

Thank you so much, Pinky! I love you! See you soon!

Love lots,



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