Happy Birthday, Auntie Sheilah!

That’s my auntie Sheilah. She’s half woman, half amazing and today is her birthday.


Auntie Sheilah’s my Mom’s youngest sister. Sometimes, it feels as though she’s just my older sister. She makes fun of me as if she is. There were times we were mistaken as mother and daughter because we look alike. I think it’s because of our short hairs. It’s actually pretty flattering. 😉

See? Our short hairs make us look alike, kind of.

She owns one of the purest hearts I’ve ever encountered. She also possesses the kindest personality and her many friends can attest to that.

I also admire her sense of style. It’s both classy and chic. Just like me, she owns a lot of shoes. There were rare moments whenever I’m with her that she doesn’t go shopping for something. Those moments were either because she was too tired from her flight or we were busy eating. It’s always fun being with auntie Sheilah.

I had one of my first alcoholic drinks with auntie Sheilah. She loves going to bars that have live bands and she’s actually pretty right with Frenchy Dy. She’s also seen a lot of Filipino celebrities already, mostly because she’s a senior flight attendant at Gulf Airways.

From past to recent events, I was pretty much informed of what was going on. With every impartial cell in my body, I can honestly say that my auntie Sheilah is one of the strongest women I’ve ever known. Like I’ve said, she has the kindest heart and which is why she doesn’t let those who abuse her kindness get to her. Nowadays, karma is digital and increases in intensity. She just laughs at those pitiful people  who has done her wrong because God is always on her side. I’m not saying she’s perfect because no one is. All I’m saying is that she’s amazing, hands down.

Just last year, she finally tied the knot. It was a great time for all of us. There were so much family bonding happening. It was amazing because our family is pretty much scattered all over the globe. We barely see one another. It was actually the very first time that we were complete. I can’t express how awesome it was.

An amusing fact about last year was how auntie Sheilah’s wedding gown looked almost the same as Kate Middleton’s wedding gown. Take note, auntie Sheilah’s wedding occurred a month before the Royal Wedding did.

Just take a look. Oh so similar, right? Both incredibly beautiful.

Auntie Sheilah loves to spoil us cousins. It’s one of the things we absolutely love about her. Of course, we don’t forget to be grateful for everything that she’s done for us. We truly appreciate it all, auntie Sheilah. Thank you so much!

Aren’t we all so beautiful? 🙂

I’m sharing this photo because it’s one of my favorite pictures of last year. All of us girl cousins carried auntie Sheilah and it was surprising because I’m actually pretty skinny petite. Good times.

So yeah…Thank you so much for absolutely everything! I love you! I hope you have an awesome day and may aaaaaaaaaaaall your wishes come true! :*

Love lots!

– Pangs 😀


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