Happy birthday, Mama!


So yeah, guys, it’s my Mom’s 47th birthday today! That’s my favorite picture of my Mom so far because I was the one who took that shot. *kilig* But yeah, 47.. Wow. It doesn’t feel like it though because whenever I’m with my Mom it feels like being with a best friend or a sister. My Mom is all those for me and more.

Just look at how cute my Mom is when she attempts to be cool and actually succeeds. Asian peace sign pose, Nax! 😉

Look, Ma! In this picture, I was just 3 days old and now I’m 21 years old. Time flew right by us, Mommy. Imagine, that picture is 21 years old and you don’t look a day older except for the weight. Now I know where I get my forever baby face from. I love you!

I’m proud of my Mom. I’m also proud of the relationship I have with my Mom. She’s more than just the woman to give me life. She’s the woman that keeps me alive. She’s my stronghold. I absolutely would go mentally insane without her.

Would you believe that my Mom knows pretty much everything about me? That includes my secrets and whatnot. My Mom and I tell each other almost everything, unless we forgot to.

Ma, I miss our bonding moments! Like these ones last year…

What I miss most are our late night talks in bed, Ma. When I was in Kuwait for a month during my summer vacation, my Mom and I would spend hours and hours of just talking. We’d talk about anything there is about life. We were just lying right beside each other and we’d talk constantly until we’d get tired and fall asleep at like 3 or 4AM. Take note that she has to wake up at 5AM because she still has work. I don’t know where my Mom gets the energy to work for 8 hours with only an hour or two of sleep. She’s my superhero.

Would you also believe that when I had my very first alcoholic drink, it was my Mom who ordered it for me? She’s super awesome.

I may appear biased when I talk about how my Mom is super awesome and is absolutely the best. I’m not though. There are hundreds of people who can attest on just how awesome she is. People who really know my Mom will have nothing bad to say about her, except that she cusses a lot. I have nothing negative to say about my Mom, neither will anyone else. However, if you have anything against my Mom then you’re some psycho jealous person that needs a serious personality change and my Mom does not have time to waste on those.

Whenever I’m upset about something or something isn’t going the way it should be, my Mom is always the one to calm me down and rationally get me back on track. I could write a book of her awesome words of wisdom and even get it to become an international bestseller. She’s just that awesome.

One more awesome thing about my Mom is how she got our entire family into becoming Kipling people. This picture was taken in our 2008 trip in Palawan. It was my parent’s high school graduation-birthday gift for me. See how we’re both using Kipling bags? My Mom was the one who started that trend in our family. The others just copied us because they have no sense of originality. What I like about Kipling is that not many are fortunate of being able to afford these quality bags. For me, it’s a nonconformist thing so I like it. I love you, Mama!

Despite my Mom’s current weight, she was skinnier than I am right now. No kidding! Here, take a look:

See??? Sexy, right!?!?!? I love my Mom’s sense of fashion, too, by the way. She was actually the one that inspired me to become stylish. Nax. She hates it when I’d repeat clothes more often than I should within a month. Growing up, my sisters and I would always be fashionably dressed. It’s all thanks to my awesome Mother.

Aside from being sexy back in the day and for being highly intellectual (she went to the University of the Philippines during college), my Mom’s beauty is also the most constant asset I know.

Doesn’t she look pretty much the same as she does today? Despite the obvious aging process, she looks exactly the same to me. Absolutely beautiful.

I’m eternally grateful for having a beautiful and strong woman to raise my beautiful sisters and I right, and how God willed us of being. Thank you so much, Mama, for absolutely everything! We’re sorry for being such a pain in the ass at times but I know deep inside you like us annoying you because you love us that much. We love you!

I feel awful that I can’t be there with you in Kuwait to celebrate your birthday, Mama, so all I have to offer is this blog post and being the best daughter I can be. Of course, you wouldn’t have to worry about my school related stuff since there is nothing to worry about there. Nax, yabang. Anyways, I miss you terribly and I really wish I was there but someone has to fix our life here in preparation for the near future.

This is my favorite hugging picture of us, Mama! I miss your hugs! Totally excited for our next hugging moment! I love you so much! 😀


Love lots,

– Pangs 😉


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