Manic Monday: Campus BDJ, My School Hero

Hello again, my beloved readers! It’s been about three weeks since I last made a blog post and I deeply apologize for my sudden hiatus. I’ve been busy with the personal aspects of my life, so yeah. Well, anyways, I’m back and here’s another Manic Monday post! πŸ˜€ I’ll compensate my hiatus with this long post so I’ll make this worth your while to read, I promise!

Summer vacay is ending for me in two days; for some, it ended last week. I bet that a lot of you have already seen a lot of back to school or end of summer posts; not that it’s a bad thing. If you’re anything like my boyfriend, you’re probably super excited about school. I’m not as excited as he is but I’m prepared for another challenging semester. How? I bought my fourth Campus Belle De Jour Planner! πŸ˜€

As you can see, it’s only for PhP398. Super affordable! I actually like this year’s design. It’s very colorful. Last year’s design was this simple purple-ish blackboard style. I liked it because purple’s my favorite color.

I’ll give you guys an online tour which explains why this planner is awesome and why I’ve been purchasing it for the 4th time in a row now.

Mkay, so… A lot of my friends, mostly classmates, often comment that I’m a super organized person when it comes to files, dates and whatnot. This Campus BDJ Planner is the biggest help I’ve ever gotten in becoming that organized person. Honestly, I’m a very forgetful and lazy person so I really needed help in trying to remember dates, projects, files and whatnot. I’ve always had planners but I usually end up dumping it after a month. It was only this planner that got me going until it’s very last page. It’s fun and easy to use; plus, there are so many valuable information and stock knowledge inside.

Look at how simple and clean the inside is. It gives off a very comfortable feeling unlike those planners that have way too many things inside making it not as fun or easy to use.

I like how the Campus BDJ subconsciously motivates you in planning your future. They make you write a letter to your future self and set goals. Written goals are actually very effective because you’d have a constant reminder of what you want to achieve. Having to see that every day (granted that you religiously use your planner) will constantly remind you and motivate you towards those goals. Pretty awesome, right?

They also always provide a space where you can write your class schedules and help you keep track with your grades. However, I wish they’d add a Saturday on the schedule because there are semesters that I have Saturday classes. Also, I wish they’d add more space for the grade tracker because I have a lot of subjects. Other than those, it’s pretty handy.

Another thing I like about this planner is the menstrual tracker. Yes, obviously this planner is meant for girls if you already haven’t noticed from the front cover. It’s nice that this planner can make you feel somewhat health conscious in a way. They’ve written down suggestions on how to keep healthy and some tips when you’re having or about to have your period. If I still haven’t already gotten you to consider purchasing this, let’s move on. πŸ™‚

Here’s the project planner section. I found this to be super helpful whenever I’d have projects especially if it’s with a group. It’s just a little disappointing how there are only five pages of this project planner section. I wish they’d put more; at least three more.

Oh, here’s the part where I never use so I always end up giving it away to my friends who’d want it. I have no idea why I don’t really like using coupons. It’s just not my thing, I guess. There are 6 pages of these coupons which makes 24 coupons in this planner. The coupons are from Coffee Bean, All Flip-Flops, SM Department Store, BrowHaus, Red Box, Michelis, Jellybean, Parisian, Strip, Get Laud!, PureBeauty, Fly Shades, Kids of Bayo, Flipsters, The Ramp and Ace Water Spa. Oh wow, these are actually pretty cool. I might actually use these coupons now. LOL. Sorry for my friends who’ll be asking some from me. πŸ˜›

This is another helpful page. I actually broke my habit of biting my nails because of this. It’s super effective! πŸ˜€

I like this page. It always gets me excited for sembreaks even more than usual.

So this is where the monthly thing begins. As you can see, they indicate the months at the beginning with something creative and informative. Each month has a different theme all of which are extremely helpful and fun.

After the creative and informative introductory page, you have these spaces where you can fill out whatever you’ll plan out for the month.

Here’s the part which changed me into the organized person people say I am. In this page you have your weekly goals, next week tasks, deadlines & meetings, study time and the rest of your life bit.

The weekly goals helps me remember everything that I wish to accomplish during that week. The next week tasks helps me prepare for the coming week. The deadlines & meetings are where I write schedules tests, homeworks, seatworks, projects and meetings. Just before the day ends, I’d write whether it occurred or got cancelled. If it occurred, I’d write the result beside it. The study time is where I write what I’m supposed to do or study at home after school. The rest of your life part is pretty much where I write hang outs, places I went to or things I bought. Doing that helps me keep track of what I did. It’s nice having a remembrance, don’t you think so? πŸ™‚

So here’s the rest of the other month’s introductory page. I took the privilege of posting it here so you, beloved readers, can see just how awesome it is.

At the near end of the planner, you have your notes, next school year plans, directory of the places that are on the coupons, and a calendar. I wish they added those address book parts that are usually found in planners.

So, there you have it. The Campus Belle de Jour Planner Academic Year 2012-2013. It’s my secret in overcoming a challenging semester. Of course it comes after God and the commitment to being industrious. It’s a key element in wanting to become responsible. I suggest you pretty ladies who are still studying to purchase one because other than it being pretty awesome, it’s extremely effectively useful. You have my testimony about it, so what are you waiting for?! πŸ™‚

I hope you guys have an awesome week ahead and good luck to those who have classes! πŸ˜€

Love lots!

– Celine πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Manic Monday: Campus BDJ, My School Hero

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  2. I just purchased my first ever bdj powerplanner and came across with the campus planner. But it was out of stock. So i googled it because i’m curious of its contents.
    Wow! This is truly amazing. Since i was in grade school i always use a planner. I wish i had known bdj when i was in college. Too late for me to use since i already graduated. Now, i’m using the power planner.

    Anywei, i’m looking forward for the ay 2013-2014 issue. Im sure gonna purchase it, not for myself, but for my friend.

    Thank u for this post. It’s interesting.

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