Wednesday Wardrobe: I love ribbons

Hello, guys! Here’s another Wednesday Wardrobe post and I’m actually proud of it because it’s my official first proper OTD.

Mad props to my boyfriend for these awesome shots. The place we were in was a great spot as well. It was at Stone Crest, San Pedro, Laguna when we accompanied his CPA brother to go house hunting.

I anticipated a very hot day which explains my outfit for that day. I wore a long sleeve polo because  it gets cold when you’re commuting by bus. It’s simple yet cute, yes? 😀

I took off the polo when it’d get too hot. Well, duh. Who would wanna to sweat and smell bad after?

Red Herring of Debenhams sleeveless ribbon top.

My favorite Victoria’s Secret wrist watch and my Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro. LOL 😛

Don’t mind my worn out belt. It’s from Debenhams and it’s my favorite, just in case you were wondering. Oh, ignore the M&M’s too, while you’re at it.

Love Diva bracelets. Teddy Baker of Debenhams shorts.

Mango long sleeve polo.

Bronze Python Moscow flats of Tribute ShoesA new favorite of mine! 😀

American Eagle heart-shaped sunnies. Love Diva ribbon headband.

LOL! I was actually so makulit during this shoot. My demanding & maarte photographer boyfriend kept scolding me to stop texting and to remove the M&M’s from my pocket. He even went, “Does Camille Co have M&M’s in her pocket? I don’t think so.

My boyfriend and I have never really done a shoot for an OTD before so we were clueless. We both just took reference from my favorite top fashion bloggers such as Camille Co and Kryz Uy. We both had a lot of fun not knowing what to do. I guess it’s what made this OTD shoot special for both of us. I was also very surprised by my boyfriend’s photography skills. *NAX!* But yeah, awesome photo’s right? He and my Canon 60D go well together and it works for me too because I like getting my pictures taken since I’m vain that way. Teehee~

I couldn’t resist the temptation of the peanut M&M’s so I ate them before they started to completely melt. Everyone else was busy looking at lot sizes and houses while I just there enjoying my peanut M&M’s. I love chocolates.

For my first ever official OTD, I think it went very well. I love the pictures that my boyfriend took. (Thanks, babe!) I had fun with it. Honestly, at first, I was hesitant to start a fashion blog because of the extreme competition but then I thought, “Meh, what the heck. I’ll just do it for fun and because I love fashion,” or something like that.

Oh, the title is like that because I love ribbon headbands and the top I was wearing happened to have a ribbon on it too aaaaand I’m not too creative to think of a better title. LOL. Hey! You can’t blame me for being lame. I’m not really used to these kinds of things so cut me some slack.

Well, anyways, that pretty much covers my first official OTD. Want some M&M’s? 🙂

Love lots,

– Celine 😀


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wardrobe: I love ribbons

  1. ang cute mo lang!! :)) dunno if that’s appropriate since you’re all grown up.. buuuuuuut, ang cute mo lang talaga.. you should’ve posted photos of boyfie too.. :)) awesome job for your first OTD post! :)))))

  2. I love you phone! I’m planning to buy one.. any comment and suggestions about the phone? which do you think is better.. xperia pro or xperia arc s?

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