Manic Monday: Finally 21

HI, GUYS!!! Here’s another overdue blog post about my 21st birthday which was 11 days ago. LOL. I got caught up with a lot of activities during this birthday month so I barely had much time to blog after my birthday. So sorry!

Anyways, here’s what went down on May 3rd:

** Oh and I made the pictures into collages because there were way too many pictures for me to post individually. Plus, I made them colorful to highlight the colorful day I had. ** 

When midnight struck, my awesome family from Kuwait called me on Skype and started singing Happy Birthday for me. I could not help but tear up from that gesture. The distance between us still kills me every day. 😦 I love you, Mama&Dada and my awesomely beautiful sister Nana&Gabgab!

I had lunch with my BSA-FMA babies and my boyfriend at Racks in Robinsons Place Manila. Paolo was the only guy during my birthday lunch. There were way too many laughters and stories going on the table that I was just so overwhelmed. Those that had class (including myself) were 30 to 40 minutes late for our 1PM class but it was alright since we were having such a good time laughing, eating and talking about happy things.

I invited more people to attend my birthday lunch but the rest was not able to go. It’s ok, you guys, I understand. 🙂 Extra thank you for those who were able to come: Venus, Noresa, Marj, Munar, Grace, Ea, Lu, Cha, Pau, Rochelle, Patx and Bea. Special thank you for my awesome boyfriend, Paolo Solano! *Nax*

At first, I was getting a little agitated that Venus and the rest were late. I came from Quezon City and was at Racks before anyone else. It turns out that Venus had this surprise birthday donuts for me. Totally blew me away that I wanted to cry. Oh my goodness! Thank you, guys! Thank you so much, Venus! I love youuu~ :*

And ohhhhh my goodnessssss! These two girls, I love them to death! Noresa didn’t take summer class and was recently sick yet she came aaaaaaaall the way from Parañaque just to be able to attend my birthday lunch. Grabe!!! >.< I was super duper touched! And Venus had that amazing birthday donuts surprise for me. Aaaaah. She also stayed right after he morning classes so that she could be with me during my birthday lunch. Oh goodness, Lord! Thank you so so soooo much for blessing me with these two super amazing girls! I can’t imagine life anymore without them. *Drama* And their birthday greetings just got me to tears. I love you, Nore and Venus! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! ❤

Oh and, Rizza Carla Ramos, I understand that you were grounded and was not able to attend. Thank you for thinking of sneaking out of your home just to be able to attend my birthday. I really appreciate the thought. Thank youuu~ :*

We continued celebrating after classes at Cable Car in Makati. We arrived at like 7ish. The beer pong area was still closed at that time so we stayed and ate at the pub area. We had our first few rounds of Vodka Ice until 9PM. I really enjoyed the conversations. Lu and Venus, thank you for coming after class! Thank you, James, Gab, Benz, Abi, Kim, Naz and Naz’s cool friends, especially my pinky Tinay, for being there early. 🙂

When 9PM stroke, we headed out to the beer pong area and started our first couple of beer pong games. I had one table reserved especially for us for 3 hours at 5,000PhP. Totally worth it. Everyone enjoyed, especially me. 🙂

Benz introduced me to the owner of Cable Car and mentioned that it was my birthday so he gave me this complementary birthday drink. I was actually surprised when this waiter guy handed it to me. I kept going, “Is this for me?!” Then James and Tinay kept shouting at me, “DRINK IT!! DRINK IT QUICK!!! STOP ASKING!! JUST DRINK IT!!!” My goodness, I panicked so I ended up knocking the flaming part down and putting the flame out. HAHA I’m so lame! 😐 The drink was this flaming blow job type of drink that was combined with something else. I forgot what it was really called but it tasted so horrid for me that I had my two awesome best friends Tinay and Gab finish it for me. They love me sooo much that they did actually finish it for me! HAHA. Thank you, Pinky and Gab! Totally appreciated. You guys touched my heart and we kinda got a buzz from that strong drink. Wooh! Thank you, Mr. Owner-of-Cable-Car!  Sorry I forgot your name 😦

I only played one game of beer pong that night and I partnered with my super duper awesome Pinky, Tinay Dris! We played against Abi and Kim. The game took centuries. It was the very first time the four of us played beer pong; in short, we were complete noobs. It was still so much fun though! When Tinay and I won, we made a victory dance because the game took such a long time. Our game was taking so long that the guys started making fun of us. LOLOL. Whatever, right? We still won! WOOHOO! 😀 Pinky and Badass make an amazingly awesome team! 😉

I had such a great time, grabe! Super thankful for those who were able to attend and celebrate with me. Thank you, guys: Pinky Tinay Dris, BFF James Manlangit, my bro Gab Luna, my lovies Venus Corpuz and Christine Lu, my Doodoo Benz Zabala, Oscar and Kath Poblete, Shota and Oscar’s cousin (sorry I forgot your name),  the fabulous Nazarina Jose and her two cool friends, KennyMagundayao who was coincidentally there, Abigail Babanto, Kim Young, guy with cool piercing whose name I also forgot now and the rest that were there! Thank you also for those that wanted to be there but could not go because of their personal reasons, I still appreciate it! Oh oh! Thank you Giled Jose, for greeting me on the phone! 😀

Oh my goodness, I forgot a lot of names. Terribly sorry, you guys! I guess it’s been too long since I had a drink that I got buzzed way too early that night. For those whose names I forgot, please forgive me! 😦

HAHA OH MY GOODNESS. I was crazy that night. SO much fun. So many crazy pictures. I love it. Thank you guys so much! Thank you, Tinay, James, boyfriend Paolo Solano and Gab for documenting my night. So many pictures. So many wonderful memories for me to cherish.

I can’t thank you guys enough, my goodness. Even if it has been 11 days since my birthday, seeing the pictures just make me incredibly happy.

  • Thank you for all those who texted and called to greet me (especially Kriska Ramirez  who called 2 minutes before my alarm clock went off), thank you for the 400+ Facebook greetings which until now I haven’t been able to reply to all (so sorry :(),
  • Thank you to the FMA2 babes that kept singing me happy birthday during our Business Statistics class. I was just so overwhelmed with gratitude and love. Thank you, thank you all for showering me with your amazing love and friendship. I simply could not ask for more.
  • Thank you, Pinky, for going all the way to Cable Car and going home late even if you live aaaaaaall the way in Parañaque. Don’t tell anyone but you were my favorite person there! 😉 teehee~
  • Thank you to my awesome  family for all the gifts and greetings that you continue to spoil me with, especially Auntie Sheilah.
  •  Special thanks to my kickass cousin, Jorevic Lafuente, for the video comment greeting. (I kissed the screen when you kissed me happy birthday, btw. CC!) 
  • Super duper thank you to my bebe sister, Gabriella Bouchebl, for the handwritten letter you sent me back during December that was made especially for my birthday since you knew we weren’t going to spend it together.
  • Special mention thank you to MY SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIAWESOME CHICA, ALEXIS BADENHOP VALENZONA, for this super awesome birthday blog post! THANK YOU SO MUCH, CHICA! I love youuu~
  • Thank you, Lord, for all these wonderful blessings! I know I am undeserving of all the amazing grace you’ve been spoiling me with but I am still infinitely grateful, Almighty God!

Now time to thank my awesome boyfriend! Yes, saving the best for last. *Nax* HAHA. Thank you so much, Love, for absolutely everything: for being the first to greet me, for being there 24/7 during my birthday, for attending to my every need, for being awesome, for always making me happy, for getting drunk wasted with me and for loving me the way you do! ALSO THANK YOU FOR THIS AMAZING BIRTHDAY CAKE THAT YOU BAKED! BTW, it’s a big deal because it’s the very time my boyfriend has ever attempted to bake a cake before. He did a pretty awesome job at it too because it tasted heavenly! THANK YOU SO MUCH, BABE! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! :*

I didn’t make this cake colorful like the rest of the pictures because it’s already colorful on it’s own. LOL. THANK YOU, BABE!

Now… I need to end this exasperatingly long blog post.



Love lots,

– Celine 😀

**It is now 2AM of May 14, 2012. I need to get some sleep or else I will turn into a zombie. Also, I’m incredibly sleepy. Thank you guys, again!


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