Saturday Special: Mr. James Manlangit

Because Facebook birthday greetings are too main stream, here’s my Saturday Special! 🙂

My super awesome BFF has finally turned 20 today and it’s unfortunate that we’re thousands of miles apart. The least I can do is post embarrassing pictures of our past together and write about how awesome James is in this blog post! LOL, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JEMS!!!

@ Landmark Supermarket, Makati. April 2011.

I feel incredibly sad that I wasn’t the first to greet you on your birthday because for the past two or three consecutive years, I was usually the first. 😐

Anyways.. SO, James has been my classmate since the first grade up until our senior year of high school. It was only during college that we got separated.  I can never forget the first time we met. We met because we were arguing about crayons and colored pencils. I said that crayons were better than colored pencils because even if it’d break, it’d just multiply. James said that colored pencils were better because you could just sharpen them. That was back in the first grade at Anglo Arab Academy in Hawally, Kuwait.

James was the one who taught me a lot of things. He taught me how to play Doom back in the first grade at the computer lab in Anglo Arab Academy. He also taught me how to draw skulls and bones in the first grade during our free periods. He taught me how to play chess during grade school. He taught me how to shade properly in drawing (which I never really understood).  He taught me so many other things and up until now, he’s still teaching me so many great things about life and the little things especially about computers, gadgets and art.

James is an Animation student at DLSU-CSB and a pretty awesome at that. He has always been talented with art and just keeps getting better and better.

James and I have been through so many things together. Just imagine that I’ve known him since I was 7 years old and I’m turning 21 next month. Basic math can tell us that James and I have known each other for about 14 years now, that’s two-thirds of my entire lifetime as of the moment.

Just like any other true BFF’s, we know each other’s deepest darkest secrets. Our families know each other too. It’s pretty amazing, really. Out of all of our high school batchmates, we see each other the most. I guess it’s because we’re the nearest to one another.

Oh, James and I mac on chicks every now and then. I know it’s weird because I’m a girl but so what? Oh oh! James has this massive crush on Maja Salvador and imagine his kilig when this happened:

As I said earlier, I’d post silly pictures of us you back then. So here goes… Ready?

Remember the time we both got braces? 😀

Good times.

How amazing was it that we were both wearing my favorite color during our Graduation Ball back in 2008?

One of my favorite memories of our senior year in high school was the Sportsfest. I take it as destiny that we were pretty much always on the same team especially during our last one. We even came out as champions back then. Pretty effin’ amazing. Also, you pawned everyone during the chess match that year.

Ah, how time truly flies. I feel so blessed to have a BFF like James Manlangit. I also feel infinitely grateful for all the time we spent together and the time that strengthened our friendship. I’ve told him before that every time I remember him leaving for Kuwait and then the States this June, I’d always start tearing up. I can’t bear with the separation anxiety. Emotionally, I’d feel weaker because James has been pretty much my guardian angel. I know it sounds so cheesy but James was always there for me when I needed him, even during the times that he was super busy with his badass thesis.

This post would be too long if I were to completely elaborate about how awesome James is and how amazing our friendship is. I would if I could but there’s just too many. So..

To the best BFF a girl could ever have;

to the brother God forgot to give me;

to the most chivalrous man on Earth;

to one of the most intellectual people;

to absolutely the most amazing guy ever (no exaggeration),


I LOVE YOU, JEMS!!!! See you when I get back. Until then, I pray you have an awesome day and God bless as always. :*

Love lots,

– Celine


2 thoughts on “Saturday Special: Mr. James Manlangit

  1. awwwwww… <3<3<3 ang super sweet nyo naman.. :))) I wish I could have a guy BFF din..LOL! Feel na feel ko ang love within that special bond of friendship that you guys share.. And may I say that I can relate so much sa post na to.. I don't often post comments on blogs, but this one really hit the homerun! I miss my BFF too.. Girl or guy, I love and miss her just the same.. :))


    And Congrats to your awesomeness friendship! May it last forever! :)))

  2. ceeeelinnnee :)) i think this is the first time you wrote something like this for me? haha Thanks a looottt 🙂 don’t worry i’ll come back naman on your wedding hehe miss you! see you real soon 🙂

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