Manic Monday: DAS my shoes!

Hey, guys! How are you all doing? Another week has begun and I hope that you’ll all have an awesome week ahead. It’s just another Manic Monday. 🙂

So… It’s only 37 days until my 21st birthday and I’m pretty damn excited!!!  Well, pretty much everyone gets excited for their birthdays. However, my 21st birthday is the one I’ve been most excited about. Why? Well, as my closest friends and family know that I love target shooting, and it’s only when you’re 21 years old that you get to have your gun and shooting license. SOOOO… I can apply for them and finally have a gun of my own!!! 😀

Anyways… I didn’t really come here and talk about guns though I really love them. I came here to  talk about the second thing I love most and that’s SHOES!!! Believe it or not, it’s almost been a year since I bought myself any of pair of shoes. I’d usually get them only during occasions like birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries and they’re usually from my awesome boyfriend. 😀 Wait. Why haven’t I bought myself any shoe this past year? Well, my mom banned me from buying more shoes 😦 she said I have way too many already. 😦 BUT.. for my 21st birthday, I’m buying myself new awesome pair of shoes because it’s been way too long and because my favorite pairs have been worn way too much already 😦

I’ve already picked an awesome shoe brand and it’s the one I saw from Stephanie Dy‘s blog, the Fashionbandwagon, called DAS. Mkay, so DAS shoes are owned by Neeresh Das and you can view her lookbook account here. DAS shoes offer very fierce, very unique and completely out of this world designs.

DAS shoes have way too many pretty designs that I don’t know which one to choose 😦 It’d be great if you could help me out in deciding which one would be better for me. 🙂 Here are the ones I like:

DAS 14 Mustard is the one I like most actually. This specific color was made especially for Kim Chiu.

DAS 14 also comes in different colors but the ones I like other than Mustard are the Blue and Red one. They look totally hot!

DAS 15 attracted me because of the ballet like figure it portrays. I know that it also gives off a gladiator type of look, but the ballet one seems more classy.

Now, DAS 19 looks pretty sexy in Gold, although it also comes in a glittery pink color. If I got this, I’d have a lot of clothes to match it with.

DAS 32 is one of the many heelless shoes that DAS has to offer and DAS 32 is the one that attracted me the most. However, I’m not totally into studs and spikes but I can make it work. DAS 32 is really smoking hot, right?

Well, those are the ones that I’d have to choose from and it’d be awesome if you could help me decide. If it were up to me, I’d buy them all but I can’t because my mom will go berserk on me. So, what I plan to do is buy them one at a time 😉 LOL!

DAS 34 was the heelless shoes that I saw Stephanie Dy and (just recently) Camille Co wore. It is pretty cute but I don’t think it’s for me. I find it too bright. It did look really pretty on Stephanie Dy and Camille Co.

DAS has other heelless shoes if you want to check them out like DAS 17 (Red) and DAS 18 (Black) and many many more.

Another piece that I find pretty classy was the DAS 16. I mean, just look at it. Isn’t it just down right classy?

 If you want to check out DAS’ store, you may do so by clicking here. I promise that you won’t ever regret it. There are more wonderful pieces that you’ll find on their online store than those that I’ve posted here. You’ll also find many celebrities who wear DAS other than Kim Chiu and Anne Curtis.

And as for those who would be helping me out in deciding which one I should get, I’d like to thank you in advance!

Love lots!


*I just realized I put way too many smiley faces. LOL, oh well papel! 🙂


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