Valentines Day? So, what?

It’s only 9 days left before Valentines arrives. I can already sense a great deal of pressure all around; not only from the guys but from the Single people as well. Ever since February arrived, everyone’s been talking about it. It’s that one day where people buy gifts for their loved ones and go out on a special lunch or dinner date.

Why? It’s to show their love for one another.

So, what? It’s just one day. Can’t we do that on a regular day, or everyday? Well, yes, but you see, society has screwed it up for most of us. They got us thinking that Valentines Day is the official day to show their love for one another. Pretty silly, if you ask me. Yes, I know a lot of you have heard of the, “True love celebrates Valentines everday,” statement or something close to that.

No, I’m not being bitter about Valentines Day. No, my boyfriend and I did not fight. We’ve already planned and are actually looking forward to it. It’s just that some factors of it somewhat bother me. As the years progress, Valentines Day has become more… what’s the wordoverrated.

Who benefits from Valentines Day? Other than the women, it’s the market of course. It’s that one day where flowers, chocolates, teddy bears and whatnot go on promotions or special sales when they’ve been actually marked up.  Then the day succeeding Valentines, you’ll see a lot of discounted chocolates. Also, it’s the day where hotels and motels would have those crazy hour promo thingies. I find those disgusting. Oh well, live and let live.

Who feels more pressure? Is it the guys? Is it the Forever Alone Single people? Or is it the girls? The girls? Are you kidding me? LOL. I know, right? However, girls do feel pressure from Valentines. It’s true. How do I know this? I have girl friends that do not know what to get their boyfriends. Also, my boyfriend has been going around his class and asking his female classmates on what they’re planning to get their boyfriends for Valentines Day because he’s so tsismoso. All of them have no idea whatsoever on what they should get their boyfriends. It’s kind of silly actually. If you really love your partner, you’d know that handwritten letters are the way to go.

However, I already gave my boyfriend his Valentines Day gift. Zeus! 😀

We saw Zeus on January 15th and got him that day. Paolo wanted him so bad that he agreed to it being my super advanced Valentines Day gift. Totally worth it. Boyfriend has been happier since. Plus, he needed something to lessen his dentistry school stress.

Anyways, going back to topic. Pressure. Guys feel it because (according to my boyfriend) they aren’t sure if their girlfriends will like the gifts that they bought. They’re afraid of disappointing them. That only applies to girls who don’t know how to PROPERLY APPRECIATE their male partners.So guys, if you worked hard on whatever it is you got your girlfriend then you should have nothing to worry about. If I were you, I’d include a long SINCERE handwritten letter with whatever you bought her. Real ladies would appreciate the effort you put in what you write or make, not the effort you put in what you buy. And if she doesn’t appreciate whatever you worked hard on, then she deserves to be friendzoned for life.

If it were up to me, I’d rather spend Valentines Day at home with my boyfriend. Snuggle up on a couch watching romance movies with a giant bowl of popcorn and other junk foods. Or play Kingdom Hearts or  Little Big Planet. Or cook dinner together and then watch a movie on the couch. Rather than going to an expensive restaurant or the movie house. Why pay to do something when you can do for free?! LOL! 😀

And as for the Single people, it’s just one day. It shouldn’t bother you. It’s not the Official Forever Alone Day. Just because you don’t have a partner to celebrate Valentines with doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it with the ones who really love you, your family and true friends. There’s nothing wrong with going on a date with your friend or family, unless you’re sick in the head and took it the wrong way. If you’re confident enough and love yourself sufficiently as you should, you wouldn’t be afraid to go on a date with yourself. Only you know the things or ways that can truly make you happy. Years ago, I celebrated Valentines Day without a boyfriend and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. It was actually pretty awesome. I received a lot of chocolates and letters from my friends. Seriously, you’ll never know who or what will surprise you until you stop expecting. It makes life more beautiful that way.

As for my fellow couples out there, I’m actually pretty excited about watching The Vow!!! My boyfriend and I are planning to watch it on Valentines Day and then I’ll watch it again with my girlfriends. It’s going to be awesome!

If you have any awesome Valentines Day plans, I’d love to hear about it! Email me at and I’d gladly blog about it. 🙂


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