First Time’s a doozy

Say hello to my first Fashion Friday post! This is the very first OTD that I took and it’s not me. 😀

It’s my beautiful cousins!

**This is an uber late post. I actually made this during October 2011. So, this has been pending for four months now. So sorry.**

It was Tita Marie’s birthday and we were celebrating it at Marriott and Newport Mall so  we though that it’d be a great opportunity to dress up. Not only is it my first OTD but it’s also Anna’s first time to wear heels!

Anna’s only 12  years old.

Shoes: Michael Antonio

Shoes: Charles & Keith

Sexy, isn’t she?

Mkay, mkay, I know I said that this OTD isn’t about me but I dressed up as well. 🙂

Top: Bay
Pants: Rough Rider Jeans
Shoes: Forever21

This has been pending for a long time because I had to wait for my cousins to send me the other pictures but they never did. Another reason why I apologize that this OTD isn’t as good as I hoped it’d be but it’s still beautiful!


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