SPUM @ 100: Grand Centennial Mass

St. Paul University Manila had it’s Grand Centennial Mass today at the Manila Metropolitan Cathedral. Everyone was required to meet at school for the Motorcade, which kind of failed since cars and buses left at different times.  There was a marching band when I got to school this morning. That was kind of cool.

I feel bad for not taking enough pictures of the day. Also, I did not stay for Day 1’s entire activities. I missed out on the unveiling of the Centennial Marker, the opening of the SPUManila Museum and Archives as well as the marching band contest. All I heard was that the museum was within the school’s chapel and that Malate Catholic School won the band contest.

Oh, by the way, I know this is a somewhat late post. It’s because I slept right after I arrived home and woke up just two hours ago. Better late than never, right? Teehee! 😛

School president’s opening remarks.

Our bus arrived later than expected which was why we ended up sitting behind the chorale which was at the left side of the cathedral. It’s way better than sitting at the back. We were nearer to those who spoke in front.

The new Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle was the one who celebrated our Grand Centennial Mass. 🙂

This may seem a little random but I liked the way my Philippine History professor, Atty. Vega, read the history of SPUManila. There was this dramatic feel to it. It seemed pretty cool to me. Just sharing.

The mass felt solemn at our side. Not entirely sure for the remaining sides. LOL.

I was surprised to see my friend, Joel, guide the chorale at the end of the mass since Sr. Ma. Anunciata was the one leading it the entire time.

Mayor Lim was there too!

Since I did not take enough pictures of today, I grabbed some from Isabel Cifra for the parts that I missed. Thank you for letting me use your pictures! 😀

Two days ago, I managed to take pictures of the Centennial Marker when it was still covered.

Here are the ones I grabbed from Cifra. 🙂

Well, that’s all for today! 🙂

Again, sorry for the late post.


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