SPUM @ 100: Flash Mob

Today, St. Paul University Manila has initiated it’s Centennial Celebration by a Flash Mob at the streets of Pedro Gil just in front of the school. It was a very fun scene to watch. A lot were there although most of the students have already escaped earlier. Oh well, their loss. 😛

The street in front of SPUM and UP Manila was actually very crowded since a lot of bystanders came to watch.  Somewhat caused minor traffic at that spot. No one paid any mind to it though. There was even this foreigner that took his time to document the event.

Some students held up signs to let cars, jeeps, and taxis to sound their horns for our 100th year. Everyone cheered when they’d hear a beep go off.

Everyone who performed obviously enjoyed and they were all so game for it.

There were even clowns! 😀

Paulinians danced to about five or six songs, but where two or three were of the same song. The Paulinian Mission Song was the grand finale of the Flash Mob. Everyone was full of energy and spirit up to the very end.

The entire activity ended at around 4:25PM. It was awesome.

Well done, Paulinians! 😀


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