Alicexz’s Disney Wallpapers

Today’s Saturday Special is a very talented designer and illustrator.

First have a look at her breathtaking Disney wallpaper designs.

Here are my personal favorites:

Beautiful, aren’t they?

Just who is this person behind these marvelous works of art? It’s no other than Alice X. Zhang or more famously known as Alicexz or Silverqe on the internet.

I came across her works on Tumblr and was instantly amazed. They are indeed very breathtaking. Her wonderful designs are not only limited to Disney characters but are pretty much anything and everything that’s beautiful. That is the main reason why she is today’s Saturday Special. I don’t know much about her and she doesn’t really talk a lot about herself on her websites. One thing is for sure though, she’s an extremely talented person and her works must be made known to everyone.

To view more of her fabulous art works, just click on her main site and it will lead you to all of her accounts that you can must follow.

Her works are so amazing that they turn it into laptop sticker designs, even for iPods, iPhones and the like!

You really must see all of her artworks. You won’t regret it. I promise! 😀


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