Saturday Special

Yesterday was Friday and it is the 13th of January. This week, I’ve announced about my new blogging system and if you read that then you would know that today was supposed to be a Fashion Friday post. However, I wasn’t able to do that since I attended a birthday celebration and I’m here to apologize to those who looked forward to it. I am really sorry. It’s just that I’ve become so busy lately and there have been so many events that it stole the time I use for making new blog posts. I did not have sufficient time to prepare for today’s post.

Fear not though.


I’ve added a new category for my blogging system. I’ve decided to call it…

So what’s Saturday Special all about? Well… It will be about one person. It’s not going to be just any ordinary person. It will be about a very special person, be it famous or not. In short, it will be a day where I feature someone on my blog. This totally reminded me of ate Honey’s Feature Friday posts. It’s something like that.

On another note…

Is it scary that 2012 started with a month that has a Friday the 13th in it? Is this a sign of the end of the world? Is 2012 real? Well, whatever it may be, they are all plain coincidences to me. The world will not end this year. It just can’t. Plus, I still need to graduate Accounting.


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