2012’s Lucky Color

My Mom studies Feng Shui and she told me that for 2012, the lucky color is Red. Specifically Cinnabar Red. Why? Well, according to my Mom, 2012’s missing element is Fire and is represented by the color Red. I didn’t really understand what my Mom meant when she said that Fame was connected to the missing element. Oh well. All I know is that I have to invest in a lot of Red items this year to further enhance my luck. 😀

Blue was the lucky color for 2010 and 2011 because the missing element then was Water. So yeah, I had a lot of Blue stuff during the past 2 years. LOL. I was indeed very lucky for the past couple of years. I did have my fair share of down times though, but it’s part of life.

So… Here are my ideas of the Red items I must invest this 2012 that will further enhance my luck.

  • Ribbon headbands. It could be massive or tiny. Pretty much everyone knows that ribbon headbands are my thing. 🙂 I loooooooove ribbon headbands! However, my boyfriend already got me a red ribbon headband from Accessorize just 4 days ago.

I badly need a facial.

  • Coats and/or jackets. This specific coat, and I already know where I’m getting it but I’m not telling you. 😛 *evil laugh*

  • Wallet. My wallet for the past couple of years has been blue. Now I need to get a red one. Also, red wallets are very lucky because it attracts money, according to what the Chinese have been saying. My parents both have red wallets, that’s why they’re so rich. I like these kinds of wallets because I have a lot of cards. Not necessarily credit cards. TimeZone cards, LRT/MRT store value cards, etc. My boyfriend and I are planning to get matching wallets, not exact but the brands at least.

  • Wedge shoes. Although my boyfriend already got me this brown and red wedge shoes for Christmas, I really want this specific pair! Still not telling where I’ll get it from. It’s so cute, right?!

  • Dresses. I barely have any red dresses so this is going to be a good chance to invest in a lot! I’m excited to get this specific red dress because I like one shoulder dresses. I don’t know why.

  • Umbrella. It rains in the Philippines a lot, pretty much the entire year, like… 9 months out of the year is rain. Plus, my brother from another mother broke my last umbrella so I really have to get a new one.

  • Bed sheets. No, I’m not kidding. I really need new bed sheets and it’d be lucky if I got red ones for this year, lol!

  • Other accessories. I don’t have a lot of accessories because I’m a minimalist, so less is more for me.

I didn’t really mention bags because I have a lot of red bags already. Plus, I have a lot of red Kipling bags already and new ones that my Mom sent from Kuwait.

So yeah, there you have it, folks! When I get super lucky this year with regards to school grades, financial matters and even in career stuff, don’t be surprised as to why or how it happened. I highly suggest you invest in a lot of Red Items as well, most especially the red wallet!

My Mom said that Feng Shui is not something against religion. It’s just enhancing the blessings that the Lord has already given us. We’ve all heard of, “Appreciate what you have now, before it’s too late,” so… This is just one way of doing it.

Try it and when you become lucky, tell me about it! I’d be so happy to know about it. 🙂


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