It’s time to get down to business!

SO… Belated Happy New Year to my beloved readers!

I know I haven’t been posting anything since the new year started. Things piled up so fast that I couldn’t keep up with my school work. I’m not even half done with the stuff that I’m supposed to finish. Anyways, I’m writing today to let you guys know of a new blogging system I came up with. It’s not something extravagant; it’s just something that will help me better myself as a blogger.

For those who constantly keep up with my blog posts, you’d know that I don’t have a regular posting date. Like…. I just post things whenever I feel like it. Well, that’s going to change. Two weeks ago, I told myself that I’d post more or at least post regularly. Though this blog of mine is three months old already, I’m still trying to learn all that I can about blogging. I’m very overwhelmed with the comments I received from everybody. What flatters me more are the comments that come from people I don’t really know. It’s like, “OMG, someone looked my blog up!” Something like that….

I’m overwhelmed that people like the things I post. I promise it’s going to get better! How? Well… Starting today, I will posting four times a week and each day will have a corresponding category. I believe that this system will greatly improve my blogging skillzzzz. Sooooo….

We’ll have:

It’ll be the day where I’ll post things that I’ve kept on hold for such a long time already. Yeah, my drafts are piling up so fast that I need to start publishing them. It’ll be a good time for those posts because we all deserve a good read or insight whenever we start the week so that we could lessen our stress. A little something to relieve ourselves from the first day of the week rush.

During Wednesdays, I’ll be posting Anything and Everything that’s hopeful and interesting. The world has too much anger and negativity that we need to bring out more optimistic things. I will also post the people that I want to feature here.

Mkay, so… I’ve done some OTD’s (Outfit of the Day) already but haven’t posted any of them yet so I’ll be posting them once a week. If it won’t be an OTD, it’d be something fashionable.

I love to eat and so does a lot of people. So during the weekends, I’ll be posting food places that I’ve gone to and want you to try. It’s going to be very yummy so keep posted!

There you have it. That’s the system I’ve devised to help me better myself and my blog posts. I really hope you stay posted with me and we’ll be happy together! I won’t let you guys down, I pinkypromise!

Love lots!

– reginecelinaaa


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