Complete New Philippine Peso Bills!

I finally completed the new set of Philippine Peso bills!

It took me about 4 months to complete the new bills. I first got the 20  as change from the grocery and it was from that moment that I wanted to collect the entire set. I have this weird hobby of collecting unusual things.

The 50 was a change from either the school canteen or the 711 near our house. I got this 3rd after the 100.

I got the 100 as change from the store outside of our house when I was buying load and paid with a 1,000 PhP bill. I got this 2nd after the 20.

This was also change from the school canteen during lunch time. I got this 4th after the 50.

This was Christmas gift from my aunt and uncle. Actually, I first got a new 500 two weeks prior but it was already dirty and crumpled so I spent it.

This one was the last. I traded an old 1,000 PhP bill with my cousin for a new one. She had loads of this and felt bad about spending them so I opted to trade one with her so I can finally complete the set! And voila, I did! 😀

There you have it, the complete set of the new Philippine Peso bills! Only the 500 and the 1,000 have those circular color changing thingy as to avoid counterfeit. I really like these new bills compared to the old ones. However, whenever it’s crumpled and dirty, it looks worse than how the old ones do.

I love how they’re all so colorful put together. I love colorful things.


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