A Teenager’s Bedroom Wall

Most female teenagers love to fill their walls with many things; be it magazine cut outs, posters, pictures and handwritten posts. Even I vandalized my bedroom wall back in Kuwait. Here’s a sneak peek of my bedroom wall when I was 13 to 16 years old. Don’t laugh. This was like 7 to 4 years ago.

However, I’m here to blog about my cousins’ bedroom wall. Their wall is way more meaningful than mine ever was. There’s a lot of things you can get off from it. Fashion, relationships, encouragement, entertainment, food, and many other personal things. It’s totally worth spending time to read.

Who doesn’t love Taylor Swift?!

Some Twilight posts. I’m not really a fan of that. I’m a loyal Harry Potter person.

Anna even posted her achievements on their wall.

I believe this is the Korean Pop Boy Band that Anna loves so much.

This is a picture of Anna during her First Communion, I think, and that of her class.

They even had the Contis’ menu on their wall. How awesome is that?!

What I loved most about their wall were the encouragements that they took out from teen magazines. Never give up and Practice makes perfect never gets old!

This 50 tips to achieve is very helpful as well. I loved it.

They also posted sweet relationship articles onto their wall. So cute.

Based from experience, I believe that teenagers do this as a way of expressing themselves in the form of art. I did it because my bedroom wall was painted cream and it felt so blank that I just had to fill it. My dad helped me with it too. He bought me posters and teen magazines every month so that I’d add something new to my wall and replace the less interesting ones.

Each do it differently. It could be tidy or completely covered. It’s still artistic. It’s still beautiful. It’s part of life.

I’d love to see and hear about your artistic bedroom wall stories. Post them! 🙂


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