For Christmas, my boyfriend and I decided to give our favorite person in the world the best gift ever. We both know that the number one thing Alexis Badenhop Valenzona loves most are cameras, especially vintage ones. Thanks to my friend’s online retail shop, South Berries – Vintage, we were able to find a Vintage 1960’s Meikai ST Camera with Meikor SL 50mm Lens made in Japan. 

It had this introduction:

 Meikai ST, introduced in 1963, by Togodo. Togodo was a minor japanese camera manufacturer, and this camera was not arrived so many on the market. This camera has 50mm lens, and the aperture setting is a four-step ring (for bright light, medium light, poor light and color indicated by pictographs on the ring). Whatever the quality of this was, this is one of the most rare camera for now.

– This camera has not been tested except to verify that the film advance and shutter release button work.
– The shutter fires, but it is a vintage camera and I can’t guarantee it’s accuracy.
– Uses 35mm Camera
– Wrist-strap included
– With hot shoe for flash
– This Camera has defects: there’s a crack on the viewfinder, as you can see on the photo. and smogs on the lens. (It was already visible when I bought it two years ago.)

Other than that, this camera is a vintage piece and would be a great addition to your collection :]

The transaction was fast. It arrived the day after we paid for it. Thank you so much, Elaine! 😀

I was able to take pictures of it before we gave it to Alexis.

1st defect: crack on the viewfinder
The crack on the viewfinder
2nd defect: smog on the lens

Despite the defects, Alexis loved it and we were very happy that she did. Anyway, there’s this place in Quiapo that fixes those kinds of defects for vintage cameras.

We watched her opened our gift 2 days before Christmas because we wanted to see her reaction. I actually have a video of her opening it but I’m still contemplating whether to upload it or not, lol! We’re so glad she loved it!

This is her 8th camera, by the way. That’s how much she loves cameras.



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