Digicam Photography

Have you ever gotten upset at people with DLSR’s and see them use it as a regular digicam? Have you ever liked a Facebook page that said, “Just because you have an SLR does not make you a photographer”? Have you any friends or do you know people who buy DLSR’s just for the sake of having one for bragging rights or for social climbing? I have.

I know that our generation today has become so materialistic especially with gadgets and other type of technologies. That does not give us the right to abuse the means of the products that were made for certain purposes. People are so blinded nowadays and it’s just so sad. However, I’m not making this post to rant about those or sour-grape about not having the DLSR I’ve been asking for, lol . I’m making this post to feature a certain person who has the passion and the skills for real photography even without a DSLR.

Take a look at these magnificent shots: 

Beautiful, right? Would you believe it was taken by only a Kodak M530

As much as I’d love to post all of his amazing pictures, there are far too many of them to fit in this post. Who is this person exactly? He is the cousin of my boyfriend and his name is Tim Gregory Miñoza. I’ve had the privilege of meeting him in person and having my pictures taken by him. All of his photo’s scream of a story of hope, passion and different emotions. Although he does minor post processing to some of his photos, like what most professional photographers do, they’re still pretty awe-inspiring. Tim Gregory truly proves that a picture is worth a thousand words.

So, let us not take for granted the cameras that we purchase. To everyone who owns a DLSR…


If you want to see more of TG’s works, you can add him up on his Facebook account because that’s where I got all these beautiful photographs.


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