No more iPhone 4S?

Ever since the iPhone 4S came out, I’ve been screaming for it because of Siri, the famous talking application especially made for the iPhone 4S. Until the day I noticed that A LOT of people have iPhones now, I immediately stopped wanting it.

Everywhere I go, I see a person holding an iPhone: in the bus, in the LRT/MRT, in the jeepneys, and almost anywhere else. As a nonconformist, it does bother me. When I first had my iPhone4 last year, barely anyone had iPhones. It was alright back then. I guess since the iPhone 4S came out, the rest of the iPhone products greatly decreased in price making it affordable for many. It’s just annoying now. Also, a lot of my friends and family have iPhone 3G’s, iPhone4’s and now iPhone 4S’. Why would I get something that a lot of people have?

So, what phone can I get that barely anyone knows about, or.. would least likely get? Is there such a phone nowadays? How about a phone that barely anyone knows about but is almost as good or just as good as an iPhone, perhaps better? Well, I found one and it’s pretty darn sexy. 

Lo and behold the Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro! Or as some people called it, the S.E.X. Pro, haha! I’ll stick with Xperia Pro though. This is a cousin of the infamous Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro.

As you can see, it’s available in 3 colors: silver, black and red (looks maroon to me though). It is a slide phone with a full and wonderfully spaced QWERTY keypad, including full arrows. I just love the feel of texting with this keypad.

One great use for the keypad is the fact that this phone has Office Pro pre-installed! You can work on your Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents on this awesome phone!

Oh, by the way, this phone was awarded as the most accurate typing and texting phone for 2011. Just a fun fact. 😉

It has a spectacular 3.7″ touch screen that has the Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA® Engine that makes the images sharp and crisp. It has a multi-touch input method (which makes multi-player games available as well as pinch zoom for browsing) and a scratch resistance surface.

It runs on a 1GHz processor with Android Gingerbread OS and is Adobe Flash 10.1 supported. Although it only has 320MB internal memory, it can be customized up to 32GB with a memory card. It also has GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HDMI support to connect your phone to the TV, and a built in FM radio. Pretty sexy, don’t you agree?

In the front, you can see the 3MP front camera on the top right corner. At the bottom front, you have the Back, Home and Menu buttons. At the left side of the phone, there’s the Power button and the 3.5mm headset jack. At the right side, you have the sound buttons (? haha) and the Camera button when taking pictures.

Another cool thing about the Xperia Pro is that it has Sony’s Exmor R™ for mobile image sensor which make the pictures you take to still be in excellent quality even in low light.

You can even play 3D games with multi-touch and motion gaming.

At the back, you’d see the speaker at the bottom, the 8.1MP camera and the LED flash underneath the cam, as well as a noise reducer  just above the Xperia label.

I love the camera of the Xperia Pro because it delivers excellent quality pictures. Other than that, it has touch focus, face and smile detector, geo-tagging, autofocus, 3D sweep panorama, red-eye reduction, image stabilizer, and up to 16x of digital zoom. As for the video, you can take awesome HD quality videos with this.

It has a large battery capacity with Li-Po 1500 mAh. That makes up to 7 hours of talk time and 430 hours of standby time.

It can do pretty much everything that an iPhone 4S (except Siri) can. Although it’s not as fast, as slim, as light or as HD as the iPhone4S,  I can honestly say that it’s a pretty awesome and sexy phone. I love how it is way more customizable in terms of use and internal design compared to the iPhones (unless you jailbreak it) due to the countless apps that Android Market has to offer.

This phone is so sexy, I love it. I love it so much that Christmas came early for me this year! 😀


Inside the box were the instruction manuals, warranty,  wall charger & USB wire connector, earphones, and the HDMI wire to connect the phone to a TV. Sony Ericsson also provided a free 8GB micro memory card for me.

I liked how they congratulated me on buying this phone, haha! *babaw*

I just got this awesome phone two days ago which was December 09. Though it’s only been two days, I’m already completely in love with this phone. As a former iPhone4 owner, I can honestly say that THIS PHONE KICKS ASS!!!

If you want to read on the comparisons of this phone against the iPhone 4 or even the iPhone 4S, you can check them out here:

Although I made this review to show how awesome the Xperia Pro is, if you’re someone I know, don’t get this phone! Especially if we see each other often. I will evil glare you down and most probably choke you. Have a nice day! 🙂


6 thoughts on “No more iPhone 4S?

  1. i love your entry about this phone! im buying this tomorrow. i also made sure that no one i know owns this hehehe btw, got any problems yet? and what necessary apps would you suggest me to download to optimize the UI? maybe, go launcher and task killer? thanks! 🙂

    1. Awwh, thanks! I’ve had the phone for 4 months already and it runs great. I wouldn’t trade it for any iPhone. I removed my go launcher and just kept the task killer then just added the battery monitor for longer use. It’s perfect for me. I haven’t run into anyone with the same phone since the day I bought it and I hope it stays that way. 🙂 It’s totally worth it, I promise.

  2. yay! it must be really good even on stock rom! super excited about it! can you please also share what apps and games you have? and where did you get them?

    p.s. do i still need to drain the battery’s factory charge then charge it initially for 5 hrs while the phone is turned off? or do i just charge it normally when i get my hands on this baby!?

    super thanks for your inputs! 🙂

    1. I mostly have photography apps because my main use for this is having a point and shoot gadget wherever I go. I take most of my pictures with this phone and it’s been great. The camera on this phone surpasses the iPhone4S by a long run.

      I have the important applications like Yahoo!, Viber, Voxer, Flashlight, Advanced Taski Killer, Battery Monitor, Twitter, Streamzoo (because Instagram is too mainstream), Skype, Fruit Ninja, Air Penguin, Line, WordPress and so much more. Temple Run kinda lags from time to time though, making it a little frustrating to play sometimes. Pretty addicting game, I tell you.

      During the first month, I always drained the battery before charging it again but since the Battery Monitor app always prolong it’s life, I charge it whenever it goes low already. The performance does not change. Unless you have a lot of unnecessary applications installed.

      I mostly love the feel of texting with the keypads on my phone. Feels so pro, lol. I hope you’ll be as happy with your phone as I am with mine. It’ll be almost five months that I haven’t run into anyone with it. All I see are iPhones, BB’s, Samsungs and HTC’s. Good phones though, I just like this one better. 🙂

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