Run for Pasig River 2011

11.20.2011 was the scheduled date for the Pasig River Run. It was another attempt for the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest eco-run. Though there was an overwhelming number of runners this year, last year’s record was not beaten. Why? Last year, the Philippines broke a record of 116,086 runners for the Pasig River Run 2010 but this year only had 86,547 runners. It is still a large number so congratulations to all those who finished it!

I was truly overwhelmed when I saw the very large crowd at a very early time. Traffic was already crazy at 4AM. 

A lot of students from many different schools participated such as UST, FEU, CEU, DLSU, UE, SPUM, University of San Carlos and many more!

We also saw the contestants of the Pinoy Biggest Loser. Too bad we did not see Larry.

We also saw Miss Earth contestants in the run as well some politicians. 

Other amusing sights were couples who were holding hands during the run and elderly people like this grandma I saw that was jogging faster than most people.  

Although it was stated that pets were not allowed, some people were just too stubborn and actually brought their pets along. There was this specific chihuahua that caught a lot of attention to itself, even by cameramen.  It’s amazing that this little chihuahua finished the 5k run in an hour.

Just before the finish line, there were people handing out freebies like Champion shirt, Smart C drink and Champion detergents.

At the finish line, Itchyworms and a whole lot of food stalls were waiting.  

There were also water tanks that provided a refreshing shower.  

It was a great event, a fun one at that. However, there were also some disappointing factors. People littered all over the place. So much for an ECO-RUN. I didn’t understand why people could not properly dispose their trash. It was so disappointing.

 Another was the lack of transportation at the end of the event which caused a lot of traffic at MOA. Hopefully next year’s Pasig River Run will be better and more organized.


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