Happy First Monthsary!

Yes, this blog now one month old!

I want to thank all of my frequent readers and of course all the love that you’ve been giving my blog on it’s first month. It was so much more than what I’ve expected on my first month of blogging. I am still no expert at this but, hey, at least I’m learning fast. Here is a peak on my view stats: 

765 views in one month was more than what I’ve expected. I’m so thankful and flattered that you guys enjoy reading my posts. I don’t blog everyday so I only have 16 (not including this one, of course) published posts as of now. I’ll have so much more to blog about so just keep posted with me. I won’t let you down. 😉

I want to thank my blogger friends who have always inspired and are continuing to inspire me to blog, ate Honey and Alexis honeyandrade.com and superlexi.tumblr.com respectively. I keep using those pictures because they’re my favorite of them.

Please do check and follow their blogs because it is completely awesome and you’d jizz in your pants. If you’re into fashion and anything beautiful, you must read ate Honey’s blog. If you’re into Korean culture and photography of sorts, then you must follow Alexis’ blog. They’re the people who has inspired me the most to start up one.

I’ve always been a lazy person and blogging takes up so much time and effort which is why I’m so glad that this is helping me get rid of that bad habit. I’ve never really put so much effort into something ever since I left high school back in Kuwait. It feels very relieving. I’m very happy about all the results I’ve currently achieved on such a short amount of time.

Here are a few of those achievements I like most. It’s not those WOW factor achievements but it means a lot to me, so yeah:  

On October 27th, my introductory post about the Pretty Little Liars Outfits popped up as 7th on Google’s first page. Now, it got pushed back as 5th of the second page. Not bad for a newbie, right?

On search.speedbit.com, my blog post about Simple Plan’s upcoming concert here pops up as the 6th site on the first. I find that very flattering.

And when you google, Pretty Little Liar Spencer Hastings my blog post about her shows up 2nd on the 2nd page. That’s pretty much the 12th site that pops up.

Other than search engines, another blogger has asked me to write a How Did They Meet story after she read about my Parents’ 15th Wedding Anniversary post. I find it really cool and have started working on it. She claims that she’ll post it on her blog and possibly on her upcoming book. How cool is that?! 

Despite all of those, I still have a whole lot more to improve and work on with this blog. Since school has started once again, I hope to continue entertaining you with the things I talk about. I have a lot to look forward to before this year ends and so much more once 2012 arrives. I hope you’ll be there with me when it all happens. 🙂

Before, I end this, I just want to thank everyone who reads my blog and will continue reading it. Thank you so much! Keep posted for better posts! 😉


One thought on “Happy First Monthsary!

  1. Happy Monthsary!! I didn’t even know you started a blog na pala! Hindi na kasi ako masyado active sa Facebook (compared to before) and when I do get the time to come online, most of my time is spent on my blog.. You’re right, it takes a lot of effort kase talaga.. Well anyway, goodluck with this and looking forward to your new post! 🙂

    Bookmarked! 🙂

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