Visiting Lolo 2011

It’s that time of the year when we commemorate our dearly departed. Although All Souls Day is still tomorrow, we thought it’d be wise to visit Lolo earlier as to avoid bad traffic and weather. It turned out to be great because it’s pouring like crazy now.

We arrived at the Loyola Memorial Park around 10:30PM of October 31st. We had to pick up Lolo’s new tombstone and buy flowers. 

We always had a problem with Lolo’s tombstone because it was decaying badly. Those who promised to replace it never did. It came to the point where you can barely read anything anymore. It was time for some change.

We finally had Lolo’s tombstone replaced, courtesy of Uncle Victor

Here’s Lolo’s tombstone during the time we visited for his 6th death anniversary on October 22nd of this year.

And now… Here’s Lolo’s new tombstone! 🙂 

I remember last year, we brought Red Horse Beer and Snickers for Lolo.

We weren’t able to do the same for this year since everything happened suddenly.

We brought small snacks though. Lala made suman. We brought coffee as well. There were a lot of food stalls at the cemetery that night but they were all far from our spot so we were only able to buy taho.

Since Tito Ricky and his family just arrived from Hong Kong they were able to bring Chinese snacks like rice cake and a few chips, as well as other Chinese pastries which I wasn’t able to take pictures of.

We lit candles for Lolo 30 minutes before midnight.  I wore my cat ears headband to be in Halloween spirit. It was still October 31st then anyway.

Us cousins wanted to watch a movie at the cemetery because it’d be badass. We wanted to something scary but we failed to bring any horror movies. We ended up watching Mean Girls and Russell Peters instead. We still had fun watching beside our dead Lolo’s grave. That’s pretty badass, if you ask me.

Lala, Tito Ricky and Tita Marie just chilled and ate as we were watching. 

We said prayers for Lolo a little before 2AM because it started drizzling. We soon packed up after that. 

‘Til the next time, Lolo. Hope you like your new tombstone! 🙂

We got home around 3AM and just chilled for a bit with Tony before Tito Ricky left to go to their home as well. 

Hope the rest of you are having a great time just like we had. 🙂


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