Pretty Little Liars’ Fashion Show Episode Outfits

From my previous blog about the outfits of Pretty Little Liars, I mentioned that I loved the fashion show episode and that I would blog about it in another post so here it is.

If you’ve already watched the Pretty Little Liars’ Fashion Show Episode then you’ve probably drooled over the outfits that were shown just like I have. If you haven’t seen this episode then you might want to watch the Season 2 Episode 6 of Pretty Little Liars.

Mkay, so those 5 pictures aren’t mine. I grabbed them from ABC Family. You can check them out there.

These next pictures are screen shots I’ve made so I apologize for the poor quality. I’ve arranged them according to the order they came out on the episode.

Hanna looks extremely pretty here.

Spencer’s my favorite and Emily is my second favorite.

I  believe that other people who blog about Pretty Little Liars and their outfits often neglect the small characters, like Mona.

This is what Mona was wearing with the outfit above.

Spencer is so pretty; even Aria can’t stop staring at her.

Spencer is still pretty hot even from the back view.

This was how I found out about the first five pictures of this blog.

Mona looks fierce. Hot.

I liked this scarf concept. Pretty chic and classy.

The finale of the fashion show was the tribute to Alison. The girls wore Alison’s dresses which looked absolutely gorgeous on all of them.

The picture of Alison in the background gives me the creeps.

Well, there you have it; the outfits from the PLL fashion show episode. I think I might have missed one or two but it’s ok.


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